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Jun 1, 2013 07:24 AM

Best Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn for a Date Night?

Best Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn for a Date Night? Particularly interested in the Williamsburg area.

No Gran Electrica (liked it but been recently).


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  1. I hear this place is pretty good and the view is as well:

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        Well I have actually been to Alma. Several times. Its not a hole in the wall type of place. Very nice space with great view over the harbor. Food is fine. Not bad, not terrible, not fantastic. Typical for mexican in NY. But having a margarita with a bowl of guac and chips while sitting on the roof at sunset is a great way to spend an evening. That would be a fine date spot.

        Its nowhere near W'burg though.

      2. I would say the best Mexican in Williamsburg right now is Xixa, which is run by the same people who run Traif next door.

        It's great for a date. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
        The menu is mostly small plates, so good for sharing. This is definitely Mexican with a twist though, so I would check out their menu online.

        You may also want to consider Santos Anne. I haven't been there, but it gets good reviews.

        1. Date night at Alma would be perfect if you can get a rooftop table and watch the sun set. We love the food too!!!