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Jun 1, 2013 06:35 AM

Any Old Fashioned drinkers here?

Been liking this drink recently.. Where's your local (or remote :-) for this?

Also, what's your preferred rye whiskey for it? tx

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  1. I thought I hated Old Fashioneds until Jim the bartender at EMP made me a proper one so that will always be my benchmark. I think he used Rittenhouse but I cannot be certain, in recreating the drink at home I use Bullit Rye and it's "almost" as good as his.

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      Did Jim put any fruit it it? I was at Public last night and had a good one. Just an orange rind after kissing the lip.

      1. re: rottyguy

        No actual fruit just an orange and lemon twist.

        1. re: rottyguy

          Have you tried one at Pegu Club, Flatiron Lounge, PDT, Raines Law Room, Death & Co, etc? No fruit salad in the glass. Spirit, sweetener, bitters, twist. Preferably a twist flamed and whisked around the rim.

          At a Manhattan Cocktail Classic event at Raines Law Room, they had a build your own old fashioned bar, which was really fun.

        2. re: Spiritchaser

          I only go EMP to have the drinks Jim makes. He makes amazing drinks.

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          1. PDT uses Wild Turkey according to their recipe book.

            1. Old Overholt is a great rye for cocktails.

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                Love Old Overholt for rye old fashioneds and sours.

              2. Old fashioneds are so dead simple, they're a drink I tend to make myself with Redemption rye. When I'm out I will try the occasional old fashioned with other base spirits. Guthrie Inn does a great Oaxacan old fashioned with tequila and mole bitters.

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                  It's Phil Ward's drink that he created while at Death & Co in 2007. They also serve it at Mayahuel (his tequila/mezcal bar) and at a lot of cocktail lounges in the city. I believe the NYT called it a "modern classic" a few years ago.