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Mar 16, 2003 09:26 PM

Tampico in Houston

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We just went to Tampico (2115 Airline, Cavalcade is the cross street, just north of the Heights) tonight. What a great place. I had heard about it quite a bit and it was better than expected. I can't believe I have lived here for five years and never gone there before.

For those of you that are not familar with it, Tampico is a Mexican seafood restaurant. They serve fresh seafood, prepared in a stunning variety of ways. They are best known for whole grilled snapper (it takes 30 minutes to prepare, so figure this into your dining plans). They also serve a whole variety of seafood by the pound, served family style. Also have a wide range of plates and platters for single diners or groups with divergent tastes.

It was excellent and truly moderately priced (I had a mixed seafood grill with snapper, scallops and shrimp, plus special fried rice and grilled onions and peppers for about $12). It is a very casual restaurant, but is extremely clean and the service is quite attentive.

If you enjoy getting slightly off the beaten track and enjoy seafood and/or something out of the ordinary, you need to give it a try.

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  1. James,
    Glad you liked it. Tampico is probably my favorite restaurant in Houston. The whole snapper is my favorite fish dish in houston regardless of price, it beats out even the expensive places.

    1. Also one of my favorites for South-of-the-Border seafood. Try adding a few baby octopi a la plancha next time you visit.

      1. Some good friends took me there this past Saturday; I was visiting from Austin, TX. Let me tell you this place is The Deal!! Food Quality A+, Price A+, Serve A+, Atmosphere B+, just because it was freezing cold in the upstairs dinning room. I tried to tackle the 30 shrimp dinner for $14.95, could only eat 26 with tail on. I hope to be back to Houston soon.

        1. the whole grilled snapper is one of the best dishes in houston.