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May 31, 2013 11:52 PM

OSAKA and KYOTO - yakitori and oyakodon suggestions please!

I'm on my way to Osaka and Kyoto, and would very much appreciate input on good yakitori in Osaka Umeda (I've noted Ayamuya 1-michelin star, but would like an option near Umeda Station).

Any noteworthy oyakodon in Osaka? Or should I just head to Kyoto for that?

In Kyoto, I'd like to know if anyone's been to Toriiwarou for lunch (oyakodon, the only dish they serve at midday) and Kushikura for yakitori?


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  1. Had never heard of Kushikura, so thanks for finding that. Ayamuya is only one train stop away from Umeda Station on the JR Loop Line (3 minutes?), so not far at all. Reservations are not necessary if you show up after 20:30pm. As far as oyakodon is concerned, usually the decent udon shops (like Tsurutontan) will have a decent oyako don.

    Here is a link to some good shops near Umeda.

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      Brilliant, biwakobarry! And thanks for the link :)

      1. re: janixes

        Here's my most recent article on Ayamuya. If you go, tell them Barry sent you. You just might get a giggle from the master. :-)

        1. re: biwakobarry

          You are not going to believe me, but I read your article this afternoon, and saved it. That's awesome, I'll make sure to mention you, Barry. I've asked a friend to book on my behalf ASAP. Aiming to go on a Monday night, so fingers crossed it won't be too hard. So excited, muchas gracias! Arigato gozaimasu!

      2. re: biwakobarry

        Do you know how late Ayamuya stays open? Our experience in Japan was that generally people ate early. It's definitely not like dining in Latin America.

        1. re: Foodie_Phil

          Hi Phil, I think Ayamuya takes last orders at 9:30 or 10pm. But, you're right. It's not like dining in Europe where people start eating at 9-10pm. Google "Ayamuya Japantourist" to read my article.