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Ex-LA hound: need tips in Santa Monica, lunch catering in Culver City

Returning from exile in New England for business at Viceroy Hotel in SM.

Thoughts on...
- "Only in LA" great restaurants in SM area (walking preferred)
- Park yourself for hours and "work" on a laptop in SM area?
- Indian / Thai lunch places that deliver large orders in CC?


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  1. "- Park yourself for hours and "work" on a laptop in SM area?"

    Novel Cafe on Main Street or the other one on Ocean Park are both fine for this. Bergamot Cafe also a fine location. If you want something that is more of a throwback look (think a beatnik vibe) then Unurban on Pico Blvd. will do the trick.

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      Agreed re: the Novel Cafe on Main St. That location was my second home when my place was being remodeled.

      If the OP is interested in bringin' on The Weird in the wee hours, he could wander a bit further toward Venice to 212 Pier coffeehouse (open 24/7). While the food and drink is execrable for the most part, the people-watching is off the hook, esp. after the witching hour.

      An early-riser option close to the Viceroy is Dogtown Coffee (opens at 5:30 a.m. on weekedays). Not much seating inside, though.

    2. Stella Rossa/Barre? It's VERY close to your hotel....

      1. Walkable from the Viceroy would include:

        Cha Cha Chicken
        Chez Jay (not great but close and does begin with a "C")

        Culver City Indian delivery--probably Mayura or Tara's Himalayan would be your best bets.

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        1. Whist is doing some nice stuff, right in your hotel, but I would go to FIG at the Fairmont (FIG at Five 50% off everything from 5-6 PM). It has a bit of that Only in LA with chef Ray Garcia's Mexican-American influences. Try the lengua.

          1. Only in LA within walking: Catch, Tar and Roses, Chinois, Umami

            Laptop: any Peets or Starbucks

            1. re: re parking yourself with a laptop for hours.

              most hotel lobbies are good for this.

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                Aha, true! And it just so happens that the lovely lobby of the Casa del Mar is right nearby the OP's hotel. Great place to moss out on a squishy couch for hours. (Best restrooms in Santa Monica, to boot.)

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                  I love the Tommy's suggestion. That one on the corner of Lincoln/Pico is great for late night gut-bombs.

                  (Something about ugly ol' Lincoln Blvd and that payday-loan place in the adjoining mini-mall just add to that particular Tommy's greasy "charm".)

                2. If you want to feel like you're in an Apple ad, take your laptop out under a palm tree and use the City of Santa Monica's free-range "hot zone" wifi.


                  If you are in town on a Tuesday night, you could wander to the Food Truck gathering at The Victorian:


                  (Food trucks always seem to tickle my out-of-town visitors.)

                  1. Thanks everyone. In all, turned out very well with some great, great meals:
                    - Lukeshon delivery for lunch - very impressive; never set foot on property but reminded me in menu and flavor of Slanted Door
                    - Fig dinner 1 - farmers market family style dinner with 5 courses of 3 plates and wine pairings. (Absurd!)
                    - Whist breakfast - quinoa & egg, surprising & impressive
                    - Huckleberry lunch - reminded me of Flour bakery in Boston. Crazy loud, almost impossible to make decision. Passion Fruit Posset (eggless custard) was hauntingly good.
                    - Tar & Roses dinner 2 - snuck in at counter. Love this type of rustic elegant, friendly but smart restaurant; everything good but gnocchi with asparagus was most impressive because of how light & fluffy the gnocchi turned out. But the grilled asparagus with burrata and romesco was great. And so was the wood fired english peas with mint and salt. So, yeah, it rocked.

                    thanks to everyone for your guidance!