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May 31, 2013 09:00 PM

Birthday dinner 6/8, looking for the best ever fried chicken

in either east bay or north bay.

I've never had real fried chicken and am dying to have it and can forgo calories ( birthdays don't count right?).
Any suggestions would help.
Thank you.

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    1. re: absc

      Second on Miss Ollie's. Best I've ever had.

      Ties with BarbersQ in Napa, but I think theirs is currently available only on Sundays and Mondays by advance order.

    2. Miss Kitty's on Bancroft in Oakland for take out (it's not a good place to stay and eat),
      or Nellie's for dine in on 3rd st (at Adeline) also in Oakland.

      1. ad hoc in yountville - every other monday night

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        1. re: vulber

          Addendum has really solid fried chicken Thu-Sat for lunch. I don't think I'd drive up all the way to Napa Valley just for that (and it's more of a picnic spot)...but it's definitely the makings of a birthday idea.

          1. re: goldangl95

            ad hoc really nails it for dinner though. while i don't always agree with michael bauer, he's right when he talks about how difficult it is for a place like ad hoc to do well because they pretty much have to nail it out of the park every night when only serving one thing, and they do exactly that - still the best cheese course i've ever had, and the appetizer and dessert are always stellar. i'd drive to yountville for that.

        2. I had some pretty great fried chicken at Bull Valley Roadhouse in Port Costa (kinda north-east bay). Nice place for a special occasion meal.

          1. I second Bull Valley Roadhouse...pretty noisy, but the drive and location is awesome and the building is very cool. The service and food are really good as are the cocktails!

            Also recommend Wayfare Tavern in SF.