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May 31, 2013 06:03 PM

Compared to your family, what new thing are you doing?

What new cooking thing are you doing, that is not the way you were raised, that you are doing differently?

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  1. OMG. For me, that's 1. smaller portions 2. way less meat 3. eating before 8:00 p.m. And I could list way more things too, so what are you doing differently than your parents?

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    1. re: natewrites

      2 and 3 are definitely true for me. I eat meat maybe two or three times a week now, whereas it was a daily thing with my family and if there was a day when we ate vegetarian the guys in my family would spend the rest of the evening roaming angrily around the place eating cake to fill the hole in their stomachs! And yes, eating at an earlier time so you don't have to attack the Doritos in desperation at 7pm waiting for things to be cooked... :P

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        Another "eat less meat" vote.
        My mom was a good cook. Not a lot of processed food. But ~every~ dinner included some sort of meat (animal, fish, fowl).
        My SO is now a vegetarian and I eat fish ~2X per week. No beef pork or poultry in our house at all.

        1. re: wattacetti

          Pretty much this. The list would be too long.

        2. I make things from scratch most of the time. We always cooked a lot with jarred sauces, which is completely fine, but I feel a sense of pride when I can make something from scratch myself.

          Overall, I'd say I'm more experimental, but I also have a greater passion for cooking.

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          1. re: Musie

            This is me too. Mom was a great cook, but cooking is my passion and so I like to experiment but also to know the science.

            1. re: fldhkybnva

              My mom is a fantastic cook, but she doesn't really like to try new things. I love to experiment, watch cooking shows, and read cookbooks like novels.

              Something new is always stirring in my head or on the stove. My moms will try new thing, but is picky too

          2. Trying new things and reading cookbooks. While not a strict daily rotation, my family has the same meal about once every two weeks. It's very traditional, meat and veg. type meals, mostly stewed or braised. I don't think I've even seen them stir-fry anything. My mom has one cookbook and one file of family recipes. Most of them are good. I just like variety. To be fair, they're always willing to try anything i present. It's just that if they like it, they want me to make the same thing each time. I save new recipes for friends and younger cousins.

            1. Tons..
              1) eat more vegetables, but less fruits.
              2) eat more ocean seafood, and less river seafood.
              3) use carbon steel knives and carbon steel cookware more so than stainless steel knives and stainless cookware.
              4) I bake. They don't.
              5) I cook a lot more "international"
              6) I don't make soup nearly as often

              I can go on and on.