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May 31, 2013 05:28 PM

Bourbon newbie gift

My boyfriend is not a big drinker but really enjoys a nicely made manhattan, not very sweet. I'm not sure what all of that means but his birthday is coming up and I'd like to get him a nice bottle. He splurged a few months ago and bought the makers mark 46 and has enjoyed it. We watched david changs mind of a chef on PBS and he seemed intrigued by Blantons- but he has yet to try it. I'm also willing to splurge a little- up to 70? ( is this reasonable??) Are there smaller batch bourbons you would Rec'd , nothing terribly mainstream-something a little more special....

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  1. I will start by checking out the ' what bourbon are you drinking these days' thread... Good ol' chowhound, I should have known...

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      I love smart people.

      My thought. Not worth the paper it is written on. Go buy a miniature of every type of bourbon. Buy one each of the smallest bottles of sweet (red) vermouth. Get at least two types of bitters. Mix them up and have a tasting.

      Recommend this after dinner.

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        thats not a bad idea-thanks! i will also head to a local liquor store that ive had good luck with. thanks :)


      Two ways to search "expert" opinions

      Drink what you like the taste of and buy him a subscription to whisky advocate he will never forget you!!

      1. It's not a super expensive bourbon, usually about $25 per bottle, but I've really enjoyed Bulleit Bourbon in general and in Manhattans. It's very aromatic, almost like a men's cologne (probably not the best way to describe it, lol).

        You could always put the rest towards a nice set of rocks glasses or a really good vermouth and bitters to go along with it.

        1. If he's going to make Manhattans with it, you may want to look for a higher rye bourbon. Four Roses, Bulleit, Old Grand Dad 114 are just a few higher rye bourbons.

          Then there are the ryes......

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