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May 31, 2013 05:22 PM

Mitsuwa Japanese Gourmet Fair 2013

nom nom noms. look so good!

Here they come! A much-awaited event of this season, “JAPANESE GOURMET FAIR”.
In addition to the well-known popular shops, selected specialty food from all over Japan will make their first appearance for this event.

Owner Mr. Chiba who is from Kesennuma where the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami hit in 2011 recreated his hometown’s shop called “Kamome Diner”.
He brings its NO.1 menu, “Kesennuma Ramen Ushio Aji (Salt)” for this event.
The secret of this Ushio ramen is the specially-made sauce that is mixed with well-marinated seafood, water, sake. The scented oil from saury also spice up the Chicken bone based soup with the medium thin curly noodle. Please enjoy it with half boiled egg topping.
Do not forget “Salmon bowl with sesame soy sauce” for salmon lovers!!
6/13(Thu) - 16(Sun) Torrance Store
6/20(Thu) - 23(Sun) New Jersey Store

“Inarisushi with crab meat & Lotus root” of “Shiki” that gained much popularity every year.
Uses full of Red Queen Crab meat caught from Japan Sea. Enjoy their best-selling delicacy.
“Crab Chirashi Inari Sushi Set”, “Sea eel Chirashi Crab Inairi Sushi Set” are also available.
6/13(Thu) - 16(Sun) Torrnace, Costa Mesa Stores
6/20(Thu) - 23(Sun) Chicago, New Jersey Stores

Much-loved, Seafood Bento “Umi no Shijuso”, “Kani Gokai Maki (Crab Meat Roll)”, “Mackrel Sushi” of “Otaru Station Shop”.
You can only experience its delicate, airy, and melt in your mouth texture with this salmon roe from Hiroo, Hokkaido. Enjoy gorgeous seafood bento box for your lunch and dinner!
6/13(Thu) - 16(Sun) Torrnace, Costa Mesa Stores
6/20(Thu) - 23(Sun) San Jose, New Jersey Stores

From Osaka, “Takoyaki” of “Takoya Kukuru” , is back!
The airy soft skin, and its pronounced texture of chopped octopus are their pride. Their rich sauce is unmistakable in its flavor!
6/13(Thu) - 16(Sun) Costa Mesa, San Diego Stores
6/20(Thu) - 23(Sun) San Jose, Chicago, New Jersey Stores

Yamagata Prefecture’s specialty, “Makidora (Rolled Dorayaki)” of Anchindo.
Uses organic egg only. Enjoy its soft texture and fragrant flavor skin filled with sophisticated sweetness of premium red beans, custard cream, sesame cream, matcha cream.
6/13(Thu) - 16(Sun) Torrance Store
6/20(Thu) - 23(Sun) New Jersey Store

For your dessert “Waffles” of “Kobe Fugetsudo”.
Custard Cream, Matcha, Sesame Chestnuts flavors.
6/13(Thu) - 16(Sun) Costa Mesa Store
6/20(Thu) - 23(Sun) San Jose Store

And more specialty items from many parts of Japan! Please experience the greatly boasted tastes!

Please visit our “JAPANESE GOURMET FAIR.”

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  1. oo i'm down for the ramen, crab chirashi, and sushi bento

    I ate so much takoyaki in osaka last year i think i may vomit just at the sight of it now :x

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    1. re: blimpbinge

      Fortunately for you the takoyaki isn't at Torrance. But enjoy the rest. And there's plenty to like.

    2. No mention of the West L.A. (or "Santa Monica") store?

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      1. re: PeterCC

        Sadly, the West LA store rarely gets these special events. The closest thing it does to 'special' is their birthday where they make up different varieties of Futomaki and Okonomiaki. It really is worth it to make it down to the Torrance store on occassion...


        1. re: Dommy

          The problem is West LA has no room for such events. And parking is horrendous as it is. As Dommy said, it's really worth the trip to Torrance.

      2. Any mention of any appearance at the San Diego store?

        1. I posted this on another post.

          Just got back from the Mitsuwa Food Festival in Torrance.

          Shiki's crab inari-zushi was just fine. Red Queen Crab from the Japan Sea.

          Otaru Station Stop's choices of sushi looked very inviting. I chose the mackerel (battera), which is one of my favorite foods. Others might want to choose the crab meat roll. Delicious

          Anchindo offered the most delicious dorayaki with fillings of custard cream, green tea, red bean and sesame. The best dorayaki pastry I've ever had.

          The highlight was Kamome Diner's salmon bowl, an outstanding marinated salmon over a bowl of rice. This is the must get dish of the festival.

          Their special ramen was good, but consider what choices we have now. Still the seafood tinged chicken broth was very good.

          I might go back down to Torrance just for that salmon bowl.

          Anxious to hear from others.

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          1. re: Ogawak

            we probably saw each other without realizing it. i had to nap when i got home.

            i also enjoyed the salmon bowl. i was expecting more texture in the ramen, but the broth was unique enough to make it memorable.

            the fishcakes on a stick, octopus/ginger, octopus/green onion & cod roe were more filling that i expected. the mushroom/potato croquettes without cheese were better IMO - they let the flavor of the mushroom come through. the uni croquette was nice & subtle; it really didn't say uni until i'd finished swallowing.

            i liked the green tea & custard dorayaki, but i also went into the freeer section and bought a box chocolate mochi to round everything off.

            the only downside was trying to find seating for five once the lunch hour rush actually hit. we got there around 11 and figured we'd just mosey around a bit.

            1. re: Ogawak

              Thanks for the Salmon Bowl mention -- I would have overlooked it. And now, I have a feeling I'm going to be eating it for as many meals this weekend as possible.

              Tried the potato croquette that was sadly loaded with fake tasting butter. The scallop croquette was only slightly better.

              I should have saved my stomach space for an extra salmon bowl.

              Nice to be there this afternoon when things were relatively quiet.

              1. re: Fig Newton

                Ah I haven gotten to my potato croquette yet (ordered a potato one and extra scallop one to go ) sad to hear abt the butter

                1. re: blimpbinge

                  Skip the potato one. Potato and mushroom and potato and squid were better.

            2. Got back from the Costa Mesa one.

              No special ramen. Boo! Santouka shoyu just didn't do it.

              Settled for the fried croquettes which was in the fried fish cake booth. Crab and cream, mushroom and potato, squid and potato, potato and cheese, and pumpkin. First 3 were actually all very good.

              Very sad, no special ramen...

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              1. re: Porthos

                I think this is the first "Fair" without ramen offering from Japan. (Costa Mesa)