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May 31, 2013 04:51 PM

Spice Ace in San Francisco

Today I went to Spice Ace, a charming spice/herb store at 1821 Steiner between Sutter and Bush. Lovely airy store with super friendly and helpful staff. I bought more than I should have but everything was so tempting. They have testers for every product and have a great range of salts, sugars, fruit powders, spices, herbs, and more. The prices seem really reasonable. I've been buying from Whole Spice at the Oxbow in Napa but this is a closer alternative.

Spice Ace:

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  1. Thanks for posting this! We checked it out today because we wanted to buy some Sansho peppercorns. Amazing selection, super-friendly service. When we mentioned we were actually looking for something to replace the green Szechuan peppercorns that we purchased in China and are rapidly running out of, they mentioned that they are trying to source some and they would take our number and call us if/when they get them in.

    Also found barberries here, which they were sold out of at Samiramis last time I went, and which I've been wanting to use for some of the recipes from Jerusalem. Saw all kinds of strange spices that I've never seen before, including Wiri Wiri peppers and some sort of flaked version of turmeric (I have occasionally seen fresh and obviously powdered, but this looked like little crystals). The salesperson said that it's meant to be steeped. Both salespeople seemed to know a lot about the spices they're selling. A great find!

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      They sell the green Szechwan peppercorns at Marina food in San Mateo. I haven't opened the package yet they smell like a cross between citrusy Szechwan peppercorns and fruity pebbles

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          Good find. I've seen and smelled some at a Lion in San Jose, but they were in a very large package, possibly a pound. This looks like it a much more reasonable size for me.

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          Oh my god. This is incredible! Thank you for the heads up; my husband will be thrilled.