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Breakfast Sandwich - SF Dish of the Month June 2013

The SF Dish of the Month for June 2013 is Breakfast Sandwich. This is a relatively wide category, since there are different types of breakfast sandwiches out there, though largely I expect that this discussion will focus on sandwiches that are sold during the morning hours and that contain egg. But don't let that limit you!

The goal of Dish of the Month is to collectively try as many versions of breakfast sandwiches as possible during the month of June! So let's start exploring and eating—report back with reviews and photos.

For those who regularly eat breakfast sandwiches in the Bay Area, hopefully this project can lead to a new favorit, and for those who don't usually seek it out, hopefully this will be an excuse to go out and try some!

Here's a link to the vote: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/903472

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    1. re: Cynsa

      $4.49 at Lou's Cafe this morning for the Original Breakfast Sandwich, choice of ham or bacon - I asked for both ham and bacon - with egg, American cheese, hash browns, Lou's Special Sauce on a warmed fresh crunchy ciabatta - with exactly the right balance of each flavor component, nothing dominates the overall deliciousness of this breakfast sammie.
      Also new on the board for $5.49: Ultimate Omelette Sammie, Southwestern Omelette Sammie, and the Corned Beef Hash Sammie.
      Day One of June's Breakfast Sandwiches

      1. re: Cynsa

        What's special about Special Sauce?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          dunno, like McDonald's...maybe ketchuppy mayo concoction? I can't deconstruct it.
          I don't like ketchup, but this sauce is a +
          It's a light spread, not gloppy and just enough to moisten the sando, you'll have to taste it and tell us what you think.

          1. re: Cynsa

            I just googled Lou's Special Sauce and who knew? 'citrus note and peppery zing' jalapeno spread (mine did not taste spicy and I know it was pink not green)... or garlic-mayo with herbs...or special homemade, pesto aioli sauce... has this Special Sauce evolved through the years?
            I need to expand the tasting at Lou's beyond the Breakfast Sammie and get myself a Punch Card to continue the Quest.

            1. re: Cynsa

              Their website says Lou's Special Sauce is the garlic, herb mayo.

              The jalepeno spread and pesto aioli are different and also available.

        2. re: Cynsa

          returning to the scene of the crime for another breakfast sandwich... this morning's Corned Beef Hash Sammie. I asked for the Jalapeno Spread and the Special Sauce (mayo+garlic+herbs). It's good with the corned beef adding to the chew factor for morning protein.

        3. re: Cynsa

          I stopped by Réveille on Saturday morning to try the toad-in-the-hole sammie featured in your SF Weekly links. It's listed simply as "Egg sandwich w/bacon". It comes on beautiful thick-cut bread with a chewy crust, which according to the article is from Della Fattoria in Petaluma. Inside was thick, crunchy bacon, gruyere and kale, which with the egg made for a winning combo.

          Regarding Réveille, it's a lovely airy space, perfect for people watching. Staff are very friendly, and they do pull a mean shot.

          I meant to take a half-eaten shot, but alas, I demolished it without stopping. So all you get is the same toadie pic everyone else takes.


          Réveille Coffee Co
          200 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

          1. re: stravaigint

            Was hoping someone would find a toad-in-the-hole example. We've barely explored the diversity of forms that "breakfast sandwich" can take.

            1. re: stravaigint

              "I meant to take a half-eaten shot, but alas, I demolished it without stopping. So all you get is the same toadie pic everyone else takes."

              Ha. I'm usually guilty of the opposite -- forgetting to take a "before" photo, and only remembering that I meant to take pics, when the meal is almost gone.

          2. Cafe 3016 just opened across from the Food Mill on Macarthur.

            drink: Wrecking Ball Coffee (ethiopian), very smooth, pour overs, beans available.

            eats: 3 cheese panini with slice of tomato (5.25)
            -nice acidilty from the tomato, tasty sammies
            -a clump of spring mix with tasty vinegarette came with it.

            also available: "authentic" bagel, gourmet pastries.

            3016 MacArthur Blvd.
            Oakland, Ca.

            1. Cool DOTM! I really like Southies breakfast sandwich in Oakland. Any tips for places just off of 101 between Glen Park and Menlo Park?

              Amoura at SFO's international terminal has a standard issue breakfast sandwich on a bready English muffin. Scrambled egg, American cheese, and choice of bacon or sausage patty. They nuked the sandwich, turning the cheese into some kind of tough polymer and wettening up the bread. Luckily ketchup heals all wounds. $7.95 and comes with home fries.

              1. Had the fried egg sandwich with Nueske bacon yesterday at Plow. Breakfast sammies can often be a bit heavy and stodgy but this was incredibly light and crisp. Egg and bacon were perfect, as was the bun, which survived all the way through. Cheese was a bit mild, though; I think they could use a stronger cheddar, or just switch it out completely. Crispy potatoes were indeed crispy.

                There was a line at 7:40am...I felt like an extra in Portlandia...

                1299 18th Street, San Francisco

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                  1. re: stravaigint

                    wow. that's a knife-and-fork sandwich! runny yolk?

                    1. re: Cynsa

                      Yes and yes! I learnt my lesson after the 4505 breakfast sammy, which resulted in yolk-on-lap.

                  2. re: stravaigint

                    I haven't had it this month, but I like their breakfast sandwich a lot.
                    Their crispy potatoes may be my favorite breakfast potato anywhere.

                  3. I had the scrambled egg sandwich at Market & Rye in West Portal this weekend, and it wasn't fabulous. The description on the menu is:

                    "Soft scrambled egg, cheddar, roasted tomato, butter lettuce, aioli, on housemade English muffin, served with roasted potatoes"

                    The eggs themselves were freshly scrambled and very nice, but the rest of the sandwich was a bit of a letdown. There were no roasted tomatoes (instead, fresh tomatoes), the cheddar was pretty generic, and the English muffin tasted like a dry biscuit. It maybe could have benefitted from more toasting? Anyway, the worst part was the potatoes, which were limp and cold.

                    I liked the vibe of this place overall, and I think I'd come back here for salads. But I probably won't be returning for an egg sandwich.

                    1. Cafe La Vie in Hayes Valley does a breakfast sandwich for $3.95. egg, cheese, choice of meat, chopped veggies on a croissant or bagel with extras like jalepenos and avocado. Amazingly good for a tiny little shop operating with limited resources and generally a long line for coffee. I go for the company and good natured people and a decent breakfast sando doesn't hurt either.

                        1. re: Cindy

                          Too bad there are no Dunkin Donuts branches in SF (or maybe that's a good thing :))

                          Anyway, I started a discussion about the DD sandwiches on the Chains board: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/904248 so since it's not about SF, we can continue the conversation there.

                          1. re: Cindy

                            Someone should request this at Straw --- they have a doughnut bun burger (beyond even the concept, it's gross)

                          2. I work next to the Ferry Building and I really like the Gotts Veggie Breakfast sammy.
                            Sourdough toast, egg, avocado, tomato and cream cheese.

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                            1. re: smatbrat

                              I was recently surprised at how much I liked the breakfast sandwiches at Gott's.

                            2. Picked up the bagel breakfast sandwich at Beauty's Bagel Shop in Oakland. Chose "everything" bagel (I like the seeds); comes with scrambled egg and cheddar cheese for $4.91 including tax. Friendly service, and they open at 7am.

                              First time here. Bagel is on small side, but tasted good. (I like the seeds.) Not sure if bagels are good for breakfast sandwiches, though; the toasted bagel was too hard to cut with fork and knife (I ate it at work) so had to resort to picking up with my hands. Eggs were just a smidgeon overcooked, but prefer this to underdone.

                              Came with 3 sliced homemade pickles, unusual side to me (at breakfast).

                              Conclusion - Not a destination food item, but if I was driving past, I'd stop by and pick up another one.


                              Side note: I noticed a sign that indicated they have poutine fries for $6, with mushroom gravy and cheese curds.

                              1. A friend and I just shared the breakfast sandwiches from 4505 Meats and Namu at the Saturday Ferry Plaza market. 4505 Meats had a maple-bacon sausage patty with a soft fried egg, cheese, and some greens on a brioche bun. The soft, slightly sweet bun was a nice complement to the slightly-spicy sausage, and it soaked up all the juices and runny egg yolk without falling apart.

                                Namu had a Korean egg toast, which was housemade Chorizo sausage, scrambled egg, shredded carrots, maybe some kimchee?--on pain de mie toast, which was then lightly dusted with powdered sugar. It came with a side of perfectly fried home fries.

                                Both sandwiches were delicious, and I think in the same $8 or $9 range. Namu's comes with avocado for a dollar more, but we felt like that might have been gilding the lily.

                                1. I quite like the Italian toast served at downtown Oakland’s Caffe 817- thinly sliced Hobbs ham and cheese with fig mostarda on good, thinly sliced bread, pressed until warm and toasty and served with a smattering of good olives. Their Croque Madame is the same sandwich with a poached egg.

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                                  1. re: Pius Avocado III

                                    Nice to see a mention of croque madame!

                                    Here's one from an early lunch at Brix this weekend. The brioche in my croque was toasted within an inch of its life. And sadly, I couldn't taste much of the Niman Ranch ham -- there was plenty of it, it just didn't stand out. So not the best example of this sammie then.

                                    The saving grace was my lovely view of the garden, so you get a bonus picture.


                                    7377 St Helena Hwy Napa, CA 94558

                                  2. Yesterday morning I dropped by Authentic Bagel Co in Oakland. My first visit and apparently being open on Mondays is a new thing.

                                    While I had intended to order the "breakfast sandwich", $5, with egg, cheese and bacon or sausage, I opted for just smoked salmon cream cheese on my sandwich. Untoasted, and the better to assess the "everything" bagel itself. I liked the chewiness and the everything has great flavor, but the crust would be better with toasting to give it some backbone. A lovely sunny morning, and a good time to take a seat on a sidewalk table.

                                    1. This is a good category. I've been in California for 17 years and haven't found a breakfast sandwich that is comprable to the simple bacon egg and cheese on a hardroll that is pretty much ubiquitous on the east coast. I don't want to turn this into an east vs west rant b/c I hate those and both places have their strengths (try getting a breakfast burrito in NYC), but this seems to be an area that is lacking. The breakfast sandwiches I've sampled fall into two categories:

                                      1) The cheap/everyday places: These are places like you would find in the Financial District in SF. The problem with these places is that they either microwave or scramble the egg instead of frying it, so there is no potential for nice runny yoke.

                                      2) The fancy places: The problem with these places is that they make the sandwich more elaborate than it needs to be. They don't need wilted chicories or siricha aoli. Inevitably this just ends up making them more expensive, and I have a hard time spending more than $8 for an egg sandwich. I just need a fired egg, good breakfast meat and decent bread (roll, biscut, english muffin), no need to make it any more complex.

                                      All that said, my go to when I have a craving and am at work is Andersen Baking Company which has numerous locations in the financial district. They do microwave the egg which is sad, but they serve it on a really nice soft french roll which partially makes up for it.

                                      PS - I suggest breakfast burritos and the dish of the month next month.

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                                      1. re: sheriff

                                        I was thinking the same thing about east coast breakfast sandwiches! I had one at a cheapo deli a few weeks ago in New Haven. The egg, bacon, and cheese weren't done sufficiently differently from what I've had in SF, so it must have been the roll.

                                        ISO breakfast sandwiches places that use the type of roll common on the east coast... (new thread if necessary)

                                        1. re: hyperbowler

                                          I've looked off and on for such a roll for a few years and have had no luck at all. I'd love to know if anyone has found one.

                                          1. re: hyperbowler

                                            I fondly recall early morning walks in NYC for breakfast sandwiches that only cost $1.50. Does my memory play tricks on me? Just finding a simple egg and cheese on bun in SF, might do it for me, too - if I'm on a fast walk from A to B.

                                            1. re: Cynsa

                                              Nope, that's what I remember too. Now, that was a 17 years ago, so inflation has probably taken its toll, but still...I agree with hyperbowler, the hard roll is a big difference, and you just can't find those out here (I've attached a picture). But I think the fried, as opposed to scrambled, egg is just as important. Done right, the runny yoke creates a nice sauce. You can get a fried egg with some of the more high end breakfast sandos, but I refuse to pay over $10 for one.

                                              1. re: sheriff

                                                Not the east coast but westerish: Bunk Sandwiches in Portland OR has a hard roll breaky sando which is excellent. This roll is not huge and has poppy seeds, if that still counts.

                                          2. re: sheriff

                                            To my taste, the love of the hard, oversized kaiser roll might be an East Coast regionalism, unappreciated elsewhere. I just never appreciated the hard texture, minimal flavor, or excessive bread/egg ratio, though I could see how it could be a style some might enjoy. Myself, I'd take nearly any other bread, my favorite being a biscuit or griddled wheat toast, but I preferred even terrible warmed "croissants", "English muffins". In fact, I got so tired of the hard rolls at the street cart that was most convenient to my work that I occasionally ordered a donut as the bread, as they had no other options. To my mind, the only thing worse was a bagel--you can't have that much chewiness surrounding an egg.

                                            Excusing my rant on hard rolls, your points are similar to my thoughts on breakfast sandwiches. When I was in New York during my early twenties I greatly appreciated the ubiquity of convenient, cheap breakfast sandwiches at corner stores and carts, as I am not a morning person and being able to grab an easy breakfast to tide me over during my commute was ideal. Since a decent breakfast sandwich is not all that difficult or time consuming to make at home, the sandwich should be a good value and not significantly worse than could be made at home (like the microwaved versions you refer to around here). And if they cost more than a couple bucks they'd better include something I'd find difficult to make or super-premium ingredients I think are worth the taste/price upgrade.
                                            And for some reason I was thinking breakfast sandwich month would be a good excuse to explore breakfast burrito options at the local taco trucks (I guess I'm a bit too loose in my definition of sandwich), but I'll probably seek out a banh mi first.

                                            1. re: sheriff

                                              Went back to Gateway Croissant again today and ordered the BF on a hard roll with the egg over-medium (didn't order over-easy for fear it would be too messy. It came on a lightly toasted 6" sandwich roll (soft). The egg was nice but just short of any runny goodness. The melted American cheese made up for it though. Total came to $3.80 with tax. The only downside was that the bread was too long for the sandwich, so the ends were bare. So far the breakfast bagel is the best bet, IMO.

                                              Also of note is that the ladies working hard behind the counter are very cheerful which is nice for that time in the morning.

                                            2. Does the chicken pie from Golden Gate Bakery count if I ate it before noon today?

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                                              1. re: ipsedixit

                                                And in case you were wondering (or worried) I did pick up a box of egg tarts.

                                              2. Had the ham, egg, and cheese croissant from Gateway Croissant (Larkin at Golden Gate) the other day. Tasty, albeit a bit of a greasy mess ($4+tax).

                                                Decided to try the same on an Everything bagel this morning. A simple BS with fried egg (check it out Sherrif), American cheese, and several slices of ham. Very nice, although the bagel could have been toasted a bit more (3.80 including tax!). Finding bits of garlic and sesame seed as I type….yum.

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                                                1. re: Civil Bear

                                                  I like what I hear. Sounds promising.

                                                2. I guess I'm cheating, because it was last month, but my son really enjoyed the Bacon, Avocado, and poached egg sandwich at Hopscotch. It is served with lettuce, tomato, and pickled shallots on a soft hamburger roll. Worth a visit.

                                                  1. Today I tried a breakfast burrito at Devil's Teeth Bakery on Noriega. It had fluffy scrambled eggs, potatoes, peppers, cheese and salsa.
                                                    Very fresh (made to order), and with a delicious Bicycle coffee,it was around $7.
                                                    I prefer their homemade breakfast biscuit sandwiches (a steal at $5, with bacon and eggs), but the burrito was satisfying.

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                                                    1. re: sfpizzalover

                                                      Is there a breakfast torta out there, perhaps on 24th Street? Chorizo and egg torta at La Torta Gorda, if it opens at 5:30 am?

                                                      1. re: Cynsa

                                                        breakfast sandwich of chorizo and egg $4.25
                                                        La Ciudad de Mexico
                                                        200 6th Avenue at California Street
                                                        SF 94118

                                                      2. re: sfpizzalover

                                                        Devil's Teeth breakfast biscuit sandwiches are wonderful, and yes, a really good value.

                                                      3. I stopped by Ao Sen Express for a meatball and egg banh mi this morning. Their bread is a bit softer and longer than most and their sauce is more of a garlicky margarine than a mayonnaise. Overall, a good sandwich with plenty of fresh cucumbers and other condiments. Besides being on my way if i decide to walk to bart the other big plus at this place is that they make avocado (and other) shakes. As a bonus I got to watch people learn to Segway while I waited.

                                                        1. My favorite breakfast sandwich lately is the one at Matching Half, a coffee shop on McAllister x Baker. They use a soft brioche bun and a folded piece of silky, salty ham on top of cheese and eggs. It's simple and delicious.

                                                          The brioche makes it awfully rich, so it's more of an occasional indulgence for me rather than part of my regular rotation, but man does it hit the spot on a cool, foggy morning.


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                                                          1. re: pane

                                                            ditto. It's my mainstay, too. I can get there in two minutes flat from my front door to order this breakfast treat.

                                                          2. If it hasn't been mentioned, Oakland's Kefa Coffee at 422 29th Ave, south of JLS near the Estuary, has the best bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, served on an English muffin. Everything is made to order, so it takes a bit of time, but well worth the wait.

                                                            1. This morning I paid a visit to Sweet Chinito's, on the corner of Mission Street and Cesar Chavez. I'd been here before as part of my La Lengua Chronicles, so I knew they had decent breakfast sandwiches.

                                                              What I ended up with was more than decent! On an English muffin, I had sausage, egg, American cheese, and avocado. The muffin was toasted, eggs were scrambled in a frying pan and cheese melted on top, about 1/2 of an avocado was thinly sliced, and a thin sausage patty was warmed (didn't see what method). The sausage overpowered things a bit, but otherwise it was a very tasty sandwich, and a very good deal at $3.50! If you order the same thing on a bagel or croissant, it ends up costing more ($4.50).

                                                              Probably not a destination-worthy breakfast sandwich, but if you're in the area, it's a good option.

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                                                              1. re: Dave MP

                                                                that's looking tasty indeed, it certainly qualifies for my book of breakfast sandwiches - did you squish it together for the first bite or is it a 'nibble around the edges' sammie?

                                                                1. re: Cynsa

                                                                  I squished it together. I'd say about half of the avocado ended up falling out as I ate it, but I was able to stuff the thin slices back in, reassembling everything before each bite!

                                                              2. Breakfast Sandwich with Speck - at Elmira Rosticceria

                                                                two-napkin deliciousness with soft egg-dipped bread, fried egg, salsa verde, melty Fontina and Speck - hash browns optional - eat hot and in-house

                                                                this will give you a heart attack but you'll die happy

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                                                                1. Wing Lee, Clement St, San Francisco - Dai Bao, $1.20

                                                                  A meal in a bun. Dai Bao ("Big Bun") comes in fluffy steamed white flour bread or whole wheat flour versions and is about 4" across. The photo below is the whole wheat one. The filling is skinless dark meat chicken, equivalent to nearly a whole boneless thigh, black mushroom, a 2" length of lop cheong, a piece of hard-cooked egg, and cilantro-scallion-ginger flavored gravy.

                                                                  More about Dai Bao aka big chicken bun or combination bun:

                                                                  More about Wing Lee's whole wheat buns:

                                                                  4 Replies
                                                                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                                                                    This is truly a full breakfast with each bite a different taste. Is the Wing Lee Dai Bow your favorite?

                                                                    1. re: Cynsa

                                                                      Searching my memory banks, Wing Lee may be the only example of dai bao that I've had. This was a type of take-out bun that I'd never tried until the discussions I linked above started on this board a few years ago. One is too much for me eat in one sitting, consequently I don't buy them often. As mentioned in those earlier threads, this seems to be a type that is disappearing from the to-go dim sum shelves. Maybe we can spark a revival.

                                                                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                                                                        I can only finish half of the big bun at a time.

                                                                        1. re: Cynsa

                                                                          It may prove to be the most economical selection in June's dish of the month challenge.

                                                                          Also, there's no waiting. It's handed to you hot from the steamer.

                                                                  2. Roxie Food Center in Mission Terrace has some of my favorite sandwiches in SF, so I tried their breakfast sandwich. The junior size would have been more appropriate, but I got the large ($10+change) on dutch crunch with "the works." It's large enough for two meals.

                                                                    The dutch crunch, which is allegedly made special order for Roxie, is lightly toasted and filled with ham, eggs, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, hot peppers, & pickles slices.

                                                                    The eggs are barely beaten before being cooked, and they stay juicy. Ham is thinly cut and smoky. Their Dutch crunch has no rival that I know of.

                                                                    This is a killer sandwich.

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                                                                    1. re: hyperbowler

                                                                      Whoa, that bread looks very interesting. Almost like a "late bake" Dutch crunch.

                                                                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                                                                        Yeah, they do a really good job at toasting the Dutch Crunch without it becoming a crackly mess. This sandwich was too good to dissect, but I'm curious if the base is sweet or sourdough.

                                                                    2. Jimtown Store in Alexander Valley, north of Healdsburg . . . don't know why, but it's been a few years since my last stop here. Known for sandwiches on housebaked focaccia or rolls and with an opening hour of 7:30am, this seemed as good a place as any to seek out a breakfast sandwich.

                                                                      The Jimtown Breakfast Any Time board listed two:
                                                                      Baked egg sandwich with choice of bacon or ham, romesco sauce and provolone, $7.50 - I asked and learned that the egg component was omelet/fritatta like.
                                                                      Jimtown Spicy Pepper Jam with peanut butter & bacon on toasted whole wheat bread, $5.95 - While I didn't want to sacrifice the focaccia, a sando without egg appealed since I've been consuming such great local eggs cooked at home.

                                                                      The whole bread for this is from an unspecified Santa Rosa bakery. Thick cut slices and rather fibrous, I felt like I had chaff stuck between my teeth. Filled with an abundance of crunchy style peanut butter, I needed two trips to the water cooler to wash it down. Very thin and crispy strips of bacon added salty and crunch. The highlight was the spicy red pepper jam. The whole shebang was served warm and enjoyed outdoors on the patio.

                                                                      Good enough as a PB&J, but not something I need to order again.

                                                                      Jimtown Store
                                                                      6706 State Highway 128
                                                                      Healdsburg CA 95448


                                                                      1. Try the croissant breakfast sandwich at Pamplemousse in Redwood City. Delicious! They also have awesome macaroons.

                                                                        1. The Eden Plaza Cafe, on Second Street between Folsom and Harrison, is on the regular breakfast rotation for me. The breakfast sandwiches are pretty standard, and the egg is microwaved, but I still like it.

                                                                          I usually get an English muffin (which they toast up nice and crisp), with egg, sausage, and American cheese. It's a good deal at $3.50, and service is always very friendly. Crowds in the morning usually are pretty calm, compared to the longer lines at lunch.

                                                                          2 Replies
                                                                            1. re: Pius Avocado III

                                                                              Huh, I have no idea! Didn't know there were all of those locations in Oakland!

                                                                          1. Celebrating the first birthday of Craftsman & Woves today with a Rebel Within (plus a rainbow cupcake unicorn shirt for the 11-year-old).
                                                                            It has been a little while since I had stopped in for one, but the muffin shaped biscuit with a whole soft cooked egg inside remains excellent. The sausage and cheese in the dough give it a saltiness that I really like.

                                                                            1. Healdsburg Shed - Open face sandwich of bitter greens with roasted cauliflower, bagna cauda, and fried duck egg for $13, plus the prosciutto supplement, $3. This is from the lunch menu that changes daily, so it was available after 11:30am.

                                                                              If you keep farmers hours and arrive earlier, here's the breakfast menu which I was told does not change as frequently.

                                                                              From the least expensive entry so far this month, this is a leap to the top of the price range. But utterly worth spending your dinner budget on.

                                                                              More details about the sandwich here,

                                                                              The stellar bread is from M. H. Bread and Butter in San Anselmo, and the equal of Tartine's.

                                                                              1. So far no Cronut sightings in our region. But with the cooperation of Flakey Cream Do-Nuts in Healdsburg, I was able to try a facsimile of this month’s other buzzy creation, Dunkin’ Donut’s breakfast sandwich made with a donut.

                                                                                However, I couldn’t make myself order it with the glazed donut that DD uses. I went with an unfrosted cake donut, figuring the less sugar the better, as a sub for the usual bagel or croissant. From Flakey Cream’s extensive menu of 10 egg sandwiches (plus daily specials), I picked the Normandy, $3.75. This comes with sausage, cheese, and scrambled eggs. I selected pepper jack cheese wanting the hot spiciness to balance the sweet donut base.

                                                                                I overheard the cook muttering that she didn’t want to heat the donut up as much as she would a bagel. Consequently, the cheese was not fully melted. The locally made breakfast sausage patty was the exact diameter of the cake donut and quite good. Here’s what the sandwich looked like,

                                                                                I was impressed by how fluffy, light and intensely eggy-tasting the scramble turned out. The chili peppers in the cheese did the trick, moderating the sweetness of the donut. The cake donut was too tender to contain the sandwich fillings. After eating half of this, the rest sort of crumbled apart. Now I believe that a raised-type donut might have more tensile strength for the task.

                                                                                Two of the staff stopped by my table to check to see how I liked it. After hearing my comments, they said they wanted to taste test it themselves. I’m not in a rush to continue the experiment, yet I think that the appropriate next step might be to make a bacon and egg sandwich with a maple bar.

                                                                                Got to love a local biz that can roll with customer requests like this!

                                                                                Flakey Cream Do-Nuts & Coffee
                                                                                441 Center St
                                                                                Healdsburg, CA 95448
                                                                                (707) 433-3895

                                                                                1. Not quite a traditional breakfast sandwich, but the definition of "sold during the morning hours and containing egg" has allowed me to pretend that many of my weekly Saturday morning 4505 Meats breakfasts sort of count. T
                                                                                  his month that includes burgers with egg, brisket with egg and the fried chicken yum yum (boneless thigh) with egg. The yum yum is always my favorite, because they generally include their pickled slaw as well. As a savory breakfast eater, these not-so-traditional breakfast sandwiches suit me much more than pancakes or waffles. Plus, even eaten at 8 am, they make lunch very unnecessary.

                                                                                  2 Replies
                                                                                  1. re: absc

                                                                                    I sent a note to the North Bay chowdown group over the weekend that said in part:
                                                                                    "We've barely scratched the surface, as many things can be considered a "breakfast sandwich". Eggs benedict, stuffed croissants, chicken & waffles, biscuits & gravy, sausage calzones, empanadas, bagel dogs, stradas, toad in hole, Monte Cristo, croque madame, tortas, banh mi, pigs in a blanket, bagels --- to name just a few. And of course, the Egg McMuffin look alikes at your local coffee stop."

                                                                                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                                                                                      I know I'm supposed to be eating hummus, but since you mentioned banh mi...

                                                                                      Aroma Coffee and Snacks, tucked away in the food court next to Seafood City, has a small selection of banh mi with fried egg. I had the #2 with cha lua. Surprisingly good, given the unassuming location! Bread did not turn to mush, egg was over-medium, and it had a good kick. A nice little find.

                                                                                      And for once, I took a half-eaten pic!

                                                                                      Aroma Coffee and Snacks
                                                                                      1535 Landess Avenue, Milpitas, CA 95035

                                                                                  2. Ray’s Delicatessen and Tavern (est. 1947) in Petaluma serves up a selection of breakfast sandwiches before 11:30am. They’re not indicated on the website sandwich menu, http://www.rays-deli.com/#!specialty-... . But here’s the breakfast menu on the overhead board,

                                                                                    I tried the B. E. T. (aka bacon-egg-tomato), $5.50: poached egg, bacon, tomato, mayo, cheese and spinach on toasted English muffin. The egg’s cooked to order. I asked for mine soft and while fully cooked through, the texture was custardy and not at all rubbery or dry. The well-rendered thick cut bacon was evenly brown with a satisfying crunch. A thick layer of melted cheddar cheese (the other options are Swiss or pepper jack) oozed through the middle lacquering the strips of bacon and fresh spinach leaves in place. Carefully constructed and a quality product through and through, this was a terrific start to the day.

                                                                                    The apple slices on the side were a nice accent. Served on a sandwich-sized Thomas’ English muffin, this turned out to be bigger and more filling than expected. I didn’t feel like eating anything else until late into the night.

                                                                                    1. Stag’s Lunchette in Oakland serves an array of breakfast sandwiches. I recently went with the olive oil-poached egg, swiss cheese, aioli and arugula on brioche($5), with available add-ons of avocado ($1.50) bacon, sausage ($2) or smoked trout ($2.50). The egg was beautifully poached with a nice runny yolk, though not so runny as to threaten the integrity of the soft, shiny brioche, which boasted a deeply-toasted interior. This sandwich is a study in balance- neither too much nor too little cheese, aioli and greens- though the one egg would not be enough to stand up to the size of the brioche without one of the add-ons. The bacon I chose looked cooked more crisply than I would have liked, but it turned out to be quite good. I added some of the excellent house-made hot sauce, which reminded me of a more refined Hawaiian chile water, with a vinegary tang infused with nice bits of chile and seeds; in fact I was glad that I took a bit more than I ended up needing for use in other applications. The sandwich comes with fingerling potatoes and additional aioli for dipping.

                                                                                      The breakfast menu also features a ham and avocado panini topped with a poached egg, a bagel sandwich w/ scrambled egg, and even a breakfast salad. You could go there every day of the week and not have the same breakfast sandwich twice. I’ll probably end up there for the majority of my morning sandwich needs.

                                                                                      They are now open Saturday mornings as well.

                                                                                      1. Last week I sent an email to the members of the North Bay (Marin, Sonoma, Napa and Solano counties) suggesting some places to try for June's dish of the month. In case the info is useful in the future for visitors to this area, here goes:

                                                                                        Greetings North Bay chowhounds,

                                                                                        If you haven't looked at the Chowhound site for a while, we've been choosing a dish each month to explore. Most months, they've been specialties not common on the ground in the North Bay. But this month, the dish is Breakfast Sandwich and the possibilities up here are endless! I hope you'll participate this month. Here's the thread, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/903924 .

                                                                                        Because we have the finest eggs, best bread bakers, and a near monopoly on cheese makers, I'd really love to see more contributions from the North Bay. I've posted about a couple examples and have a couple more targets picked out before month end. We've barely scratched the surface, as many things can be considered a "breakfast sandwich". Eggs benedict, stuffed croissants, chicken & waffles, biscuits & gravy, sausage calzones, empanadas, bagel dogs, stradas, toad in hole, Monte Cristo, croque madame, tortas, banh mi, pigs in a blanket, bagels --- to name just a few. And of course, the Egg McMuffin look alikes at your local coffee stop.

                                                                                        I've cut and pasted some of my research below. Haven't tried the offerings at any except Scotty's in Vallejo, so please do rely on your own chow senses in deciding where to dive in. Ready, set, go!

                                                                                        Happy Breakfast,


                                                                                        AMERICAN CANYON:

                                                                                        Canyon Café



                                                                                        First Street Café


                                                                                        Java Point Café



                                                                                        Palisades Deli


                                                                                        Calistoga Roastery


                                                                                        Village Bakery



                                                                                        Hamburger Ranch & Pasta Farm


                                                                                        Owl Café


                                                                                        Zini's Diner



                                                                                        Redwood Café – weekend benedicts





                                                                                        La Barista Espresso






                                                                                        Geyserville Mud


                                                                                        GLEN ELLEN:

                                                                                        Garden Court Café


                                                                                        Glen Ellen Village Market



                                                                                        Willow Wood – Sunday Monte Cristo



                                                                                        Big Bottom Market



                                                                                        Bean Affair


                                                                                        Center Street Café




                                                                                        Dry Creek General Store


                                                                                        Oakville Grocery – Italian fennel sausage, egg, Costeaux croissant before 11am

                                                                                        Parish – breakfast po' boy


                                                                                        Wild Sage Deli



                                                                                        Half Day Café



                                                                                        Alexis Baking Co


                                                                                        Model Bakery



                                                                                        Café Joel


                                                                                        Forks & Fingers


                                                                                        Perry's deli



                                                                                        Howard's Station



                                                                                        JavAmore' Café





                                                                                        Aqus Café – huge list of brekkie sandwiches , gluten-free option


                                                                                        Della Fattoria


                                                                                        Speakeasy – croque madame, weekend brunch


                                                                                        Tea Room Café


                                                                                        POINT REYES STATION:

                                                                                        Pine Cone Diner


                                                                                        ROHNERT PARK:

                                                                                        Big Daddy's Diner


                                                                                        Sonoma Valley Bagel


                                                                                        SAN ANSELMO:

                                                                                        San Anselmo Coffee Roastery


                                                                                        SAN RAFAEL

                                                                                        Le Croissant


                                                                                        SANTA ROSA:

                                                                                        1710 Coffee


                                                                                        Chloe's French Cafe – croque monsieur etc.


                                                                                        Dierk's Parkside Diner


                                                                                        Flavor Bistro (Wed-Sun)


                                                                                        Three Squares


                                                                                        Viola – many breakfast sandwiches, fried chicken & waffle





                                                                                        F3 – weekend brunch


                                                                                        Le Garage – weekend croque madame


                                                                                        Louie's Deli


                                                                                        Sausalito Bakery & Café



                                                                                        Peter Lowell's


                                                                                        Village Bakery, Calistoga and Sebastopol



                                                                                        Breakaway Café


                                                                                        Community Café


                                                                                        Fremont Diner


                                                                                        Hot Shots Coffee




                                                                                        Palms Grill


                                                                                        ST HELENA:

                                                                                        Gott's Roadside


                                                                                        Model Bakery


                                                                                        STINSON BEACH:

                                                                                        Breakers Cafe


                                                                                        SUISUN CITY:

                                                                                        Joy of Eating



                                                                                        New Morning Café



                                                                                        Tomales Deli



                                                                                        Good Day Café – pigs in a blanket


                                                                                        Gracie's – not sure about this one, but it opens at 7am on Sat & Sun


                                                                                        Java Jax


                                                                                        Scotty's Café – loved the biscuits and gravy years ago



                                                                                        Wren's Café


                                                                                        VALLEY FORD:

                                                                                        Rocker Oysterfeller's



                                                                                        KC's Downtown Grill



                                                                                        Yountville Deli


                                                                                        1. Wooly Pig in the Sunset's has a very "California" breakfast sandwich. It contains good quality greens tossed in dressing, scrambled eggs, Zoe's sausage patty, tomatoes, and a multi-grain flatbread. Their other sandwiches are stellar, but I wouldn't recommend this one, at least the variation I chose. Changing the bread to an English muffin and the meat to bacon might make a difference, but the combination of the harsh tasting browned scrambled eggs and the multi-grain bread didn't make it very appealing as is.

                                                                                          1. I sampled a couple of options in Palo Alto:

                                                                                            The breakfast panino at Tootsie's at the Stanford barn (photo #1). It has an over easy egg, spinach, some pancetta, and Parmesan. They use ciabatta from Mayfield Cafe. good, but not worth a trip. Served until 11 AM.

                                                                                            The country egg sandwich at La Boulange (photo #2). Meh. It comes with a hard-cooked egg, cold slimey ratatouille, and some bacon. The fruit cup on the side was the best part.

                                                                                            The frittata breakfast sandwich at La Boulange (photo #3). Good, but not worth a trip. they use a croissant for the bread. There are two options for the filling: Lorraine (eggs, bacon, ham and swiss) or veggi (egg whites, swiss chard, mushrooms, onions & swiss). You can get either a pesto sauce or romesco sauce on the side for dipping. comes with either potatoes or fruit. The pesto dipping sauce is a major value-add.

                                                                                            The breakfast arepa at Coupa Cafe (photo #4). Very good. Worth a trip.

                                                                                            2 Replies
                                                                                            1. re: ssfire

                                                                                              Love the idea of a breakfast arepa! What's the filling besides scrambled egg?

                                                                                              P.S. Happy to see a post from you for PA.

                                                                                              1. re: Melanie Wong

                                                                                                The breakfast arepa has scrambled eggs and ham.

                                                                                                Coupa Cafe also offer a bunch of other options for the filling: white cheese, goat cheese, mozzarella, queso cheese, ham & gouda, grilled eggplant, smoked salmon, carne mechada (shredded beef), and chicken salad.

                                                                                                However, the star of the show is the arepa dough itself. That is what makes it worth a trip Actually, I would be content with just a plain, empty arepa, along with some bacon grease as a dipping sauce.

                                                                                            2. Guerilla Food. This hot Sunday morning I headed out early to check out the newly launched West End Farmers Market in Santa Rosa. I thought I'd wrapped up my breakfast sandwich olympics this month, but spotting this menu board, I sprang for one more.

                                                                                              The pastured eggs are from Windsor's Wiseacre Farms, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8954... . The bread base is ciabatta from Raymond's Bakery . . . though I failed to find out whether this is Raymond's in South San Francisco or the small bakery in Cazadero.

                                                                                              The half of a ciabatta roll was heated on the griddle, then slathered with a thick layer of homemade pesto. Very good pesto, mind you, but in this case too much of a good thing. It dominated all the other flavors. Here's the green ooze:

                                                                                              The egg had the runny yolk as promised although I didn't care for so much browning of the white. Very thin and crisp strips of bacon, and adding the amaranth on top and cucumber and cherry tomatoes on the side for garnish made this seem like a healthier choice.

                                                                                              I appreciated the non-disposable dinnerware and enjoyed the sandwich very much. But I doubt that I'll be buying another at $11 per pop.


                                                                                              1. Geyserville Mud in Geyserville. Never been in here before nor paid much attention to the place. I dropped in last weekend to hit a neighborhood coffee shop style missing so far in my tour of Sonoma County’s offerings. Also, I wanted something under $5, more in the spirit of a quick and inexpensive portable meal in a bun that exemplifies the breakfast sando.

                                                                                                The posted price is $5.25 here, for egg, cheese and bacon or sausage filling, and that includes sales tax. Several supplements are offered, including Dino’s organic spicy sausage for 50¢ more. Confirming that the designated Dino was indeed the salumi and pasta master at Diavola next door, this is a no-brainer addition.

                                                                                                I watched part of the assembly --- a slab of the wide diameter pre-cooked sausage is re-heated on the panini grill plate and alongside the egg’s cooked in a round mold on the griddle portion. Once put together, the whole thing is pressed lightly. I’d not paid attention to the type of bread used. Pulling back the foil wrapper for a first glimpse, the girth of the sandwich and the mystery bread surprised me, as shown here from above.

                                                                                                Chewier, thinner of crust and not as tall as ciabatta. Denser with more robust flavor and more chew than an English muffin. Hmmm, I went back inside to ask the source of the English muffin, thinking it might come from one of our boutique bakeries. Nope, the counter guy called it a “bialy English muffin” pairing the taste of a bialy with the lighter texture of an English muffin. He said he buys them from a purveyor in New York. Certainly a new one for me, as there’s no hollowed out depression or onion topping of a bialy. While bialys are often described as a cross between a bagel and an English muffin, this bread fine-tunes and narrows that interbreeding even more tightly.

                                                                                                I ordered my sandwich with cheddar cheese. Other choices are Swiss and pepper jack, but I thought the chiles might be too much in combination with spicy sausage. The sausage is indeed spicy, but not really hot though there is a little bit of capsicum heat. Rather, spicy seems to refer to the concentrated hit of fennel, allspice, and other herbs and spices that pack this intense sausage. I certainly got more than my 50¢ worth in these two thick slabs, shown here,

                                                                                                I enjoyed my breakfast outside on the sidewalk table, an old oak wine barrel repurposed. Half went home with me for dinner later that night and the bread held up very well, perking up on rewarming. I loved everything about this one, the chewy yeasty bialy-muffin, the fine-grained full-flavored sausage, the barely set egg, and buttery, stringy cheese.

                                                                                                Geyserville Mud serves Thanksgiving brand coffee and the morning pastries are from Costeaux Bakery in Healdsburg. More than a coffee house, it serves beer and wine too. It’s well worth checking out for the breakfast sandwich and other refreshments whenever touring Alexander Valley.

                                                                                                Geyserville Mud
                                                                                                21001 Geyserville Ave
                                                                                                Geyserville, CA 95441
                                                                                                (707) 814-0021
                                                                                                Mon-Sat 7am-5pm
                                                                                                Sunday 8am-5pm

                                                                                                More about Diavola and Chef/owner Dino Bugica

                                                                                                1. Jake's Place @293 bayshore ave is next to the old clam house.
                                                                                                  open m-f, 7:30-2:45

                                                                                                  specialty is chicken sandwiches

                                                                                                  eats: bayshore breakfast sandwich (4.95)
                                                                                                  -2 fried eggs, bacon, slow roasted tomato, cheese on sourdough english muffin.
                                                                                                  -very unique and tasty.