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May 31, 2013 02:58 PM

ma & paw want grilled fish on the west side.

We started with guarantee winner from the airport at Pann's. What's not to love. I knocked two birds down and tried the ribs. satisfied my craving, but my guess is they are using the over, because the "hickory" smoked flavor was not present. Good texture and fabulous Q sauce on the side. Paw, open faced Hot Turkey, 1/2 club for ma & turnip greens as good as any I've ever tasted.

The asked for grilled fish recommendations in Santa Monica. Please send me recommendations. Not Loud is really the only request. TIA, ck

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  1. No atmosphere to speak of, but I just tried Seasalt this weekend and thought everything was very good. At less than half the price of a traditional sit down resto.
    Another plus, 2 blocks from the promenade. So near the Promenade but not at all too loud.

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      I tried it last week ( and wasn't impressed. Not bad by any stretch, but not standout. Noise level may be high during workday lunch rushes, but was quiet for a weeknight dinner.

      OP, don't know how noisy Santa Monica Seafood is nowadays, but they've always had good grilled fish.

      If you want to get out of SM, and go a little kitschy but with a great view, Reel Inn on PCH is nice and affordable. Like any place, noise isn't bad if not too crowded, and they have an outside patio area.

      1. re: PeterCC

        S.M. Seafood still serves good, fresh grilled fish. Noise level is okay at the tables, but definitely quieter at the counter.

    2. Why don't you take them for a little drive up the coast (just past Pepperdine about a mile and a half) and eat at ?

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        ...and on the way back, a stop at Grom for some excellent gelato.

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            You've often recommended Grom for gelato, and while I've never tried the LA/Malibu iteration, the one in NYC is ... just ... not ... very ... good.

            Have you tried any outside of LA? Or ones in NYC to compare?

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Yes I've been to their locations in both Italy (Venice & Florence) and Paris and I highly recommend it. I have not been to the NYC locations. Their seasonal fresh fruit flavors are my favorites,

          2. re: Novelli

            wow, thanks for the recommendation, Grom. Sounds like a great plan with a four year old and grandparents. Topanga to Malibu Canyon - Malibu Seafood, Grom, PCH back to SM.


        1. The enterprise Seafood in SM is much improve and serves some very good seafood grilled over hardwood.

          1. Fish Grill in Santa Monica (or is that West L.A.?) on Wilshire just east of Bundy. Inexpensive, quiet and not exactly a hipster hangout. (Closed on Fridays as the owners are Orthodox Jews who close up shop for shabbot). A healthy fast food alternative. Not bad.

            I've tried Sea Salt a couple times too - which also looks promising. Fish Grill used an actual char grill, not sure about Sea Salt.

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              Fish Grill is on the north side of Wilshire between Barrington and Bundy in a string of restaurants with parking in a structure. Casual, order at the register type of place. But good simple fish flame-grilled at very good prices -- mostly low teens.

            2. Any post trip report for the "Tour de Rents" yet? How was your water side lunch in MDR? Where did you end up for grilled fish? Where else did you all go? Inquiring minds want to know.