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May 31, 2013 01:44 PM

Miami-South Florida- Restaurant Recommendations


Any good recommendations on places in Miami/ Boca area? Preferably meat, but dairy also. Any feedback on House of Dogs?

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  1. cine citta café was great as always this past January, Grill Time was good . China Bistro in Aventura was as good as always also. Never been to House of Dogs, sounds like over priced hot dogs to me, to each his own.

    1. I actually really liked House of Dog. It had a fun vibe, and the decor is nothing like you would find in any kosher restaurant in NY. And one hot dog is more than enough for a meal.
      There is a groupon right now for the place if you go:
      That might make paying for a fancy hot dog more palatable. If you go I recommend the Caribbean dog.