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May 31, 2013 11:19 AM

breakfast off the 401 (near the airport-ish?)

The in-laws (who live in North York) sometimes babysit our kids for a night or two, and the mother-in-law's favourite way to return them to us is to meet for breakfast somewhere off the 401 (we live in Halton Hills), usually on a Sunday morning around 10.

Our go-to place is Perkins in the Holiday Inn on Dixon, for lack of any better ideas. The breakfast is generally acceptible, but the lineup is atrocious (for what reason, I cannot determine) and the service very, very slow.

Wondering if there is a better option. A good diner even? Doesn't have to be by the airport, but that's kind of the halfway point.

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  1. Zet's right by the airport is a great greasy spoon.

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      1. re: TorontoJo

        First place I thought of too. Pull up your car and watch the planes go by!

      2. Not sure Zet's best choice, only driven it past it many dozens of times, certainly does look like a ( very ) greasy spoon! No wonder you find Perkins so busy, with so much of the breakfast business now absorbed by many of the large hamburger/fast food chains! My town now more than tripled in housing/population has not increased with proper breakfast options! A suggestion is slightly more expensive and time consuming, but seek a wonderful and leisurely brunch!

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          If you've never been to Zet's, you're not really in a position to claim that it's not the best choice. Zet's is busy for a reason, and it's not just because it's convenient to the airport.

          They serve decent quality "Greek diner" food at good prices. It's big enough that you never feel rushed once you sit down, so you can sit and chat for as long as you want to. The fries are fresh cut, not frozen, and the steaks are cut from huge roasts that you can see in their fridge case. I'm partial to their BLTs and their fish and chips. Everything is fresh because of the massive turnover they have.

          I'll take Zet's over a Perkins anyday.

          1. re: Jar

            Zet's may not be pretty enough for some, but it serves real food at affordable prices. Try them once and judge for yourself.

            1. re: Jar

              I'd be interested to hear why you judged Zet's as a "very" greasy spoon by simply driving by?

              Zet's is a wonderful, family-owned and operated restaurant that's been serving the Malton-area community and visitors for a very long time. It may surprise you to learn they've been in operation for over 40 years, a rarity in these times. The food is home made, the premises are clean and service is friendly.

              I hope you have an opportunity to check it out and update your post.

              For anyone interested, Zet's actually has a website: