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May 31, 2013 11:14 AM

Downtown Lancaster

Well, just because there hasn't been anything posted in 3 days . . .

Taking the husband to the train station tomorrow morning and hoping someone can tell me the best place to get breakfast nearby.

We'll have the kids, so while I'm tempted to try On Orange, I'm afraid it will be crowded and we really can't afford a long wait.

Neptune Diner seems the obvious choice for it's proximity and classic diner fare, but I've actually never been, and have to admit that it looks so scary from the outside that I've never wanted to.

We've been to Lyndon City Diner a couple of times, but it really doesn't impress, IMO. (not that I've been incredibly impressed with any local diners thus far).

So, if you were me, and wanted a big, classic, stick to your ribs breakfast for a late Saturday morning before getting on an 11:00 a.m. train, where would you go?

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  1. Oregon Dairy. Althouyh outside the city its not far away (first exit off Route 222 heading north).

    Have not been to Neptune Diner in about 10 years. It was mediocre then.

    Went to On Orange about a year and a half ago, was not impressed. Menu was trying to be inventive but IMO not executed terribly well.

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      Lol!! Brookquarry, about 15 minutes after I posted this, my husband called and I said, "why don't we just go to Oregon Dairy? Not downtown, but close enough." Headed out the door in a few minutes. ;)

    2. Just wanted to chime in that Neptune Diner is a great diner and there's nothing scary about it. Been going there for years and the service and food are (imo) fantastic.

      Though the after bar crowd was once wild, it's been a few years so I'm not sure about that. Breakfast time is perfect.