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May 31, 2013 08:25 AM

Lobster Landing - My first lobster roll

Thanks to the many recommendations on the board the family and I decided on Lobster Landing. Nice little spot.
I wasn't sure what to expect. The lobster roll was good but seemed rather small. They use 1/4 lb of meat and a big roll. From the pictured I've seen on this site, I was expecting more meat and less bread from lobster rolls in general?

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  1. Keep in mind that 1/4 lb of lobster meat is about what comes from a 1-1/4 lb chicken lobster, although lobster rolls typical have just claw, little-to-no tail meat. Also keep in mind that lobster meat typically sells retail for $40-50 /lb, depending if the mix contains tail & claw or just claws. Suddenly, $15 for a good lobster roll becomes understandable.

    I tend to buy lobster salad at our grocer for $20/lb when I'm in the mood for such, but I did spring for an excellent $15 hot lobster roll at Monahans (clam shack) in Narragansett, RI this week. (They also have excellent scallops, but mediocre clams & fish.) Nice setting on Narragansett bay.

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      I guess I was comparing it to Red's.You can't see the bun which is overwhelmed by lobster meat. The meat is also in much larger chucks. The Landing cuts the meat into little bits.

      The price of lobster seems to get lower the further north you get?

    2. Thanks to a recent post, I tried Stowes in West Haven after a long absence. Their lobster roll would meet your expectations..very small roll but enough meat for two of anybody' else's. The meat is sauteed in butter in small batches in the back can watch from the pick up line. If you are really hungry, order two as they are only $12.50 each

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        IMO, an important part of a lobster roll is a grilled / toasted / buttered hotdog bun (preferable New England style), but other non intrusive rolls can be substituted.

        I had one about two years ago at the Sea Basket in Wiscassett, ME which came on a large / low quality bulky roll. What a disaster. Should have held off for Red's.

        Along that line, I've been seeing lobster rolls on some menus served on torpedo rolls. No thanks.

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          Thank you for saying "torpedo roll"--I asked for one last week and the guy behind me asked the girl at the counter, "How many people ask for those by their real name?" I was told it was a Portuguese roll...I pointed to what I know to be a Portuguese roll. It was then explained to me, they were both Portuguese rolls, but from different bakeries. But I digress...I'm with you, Clams--a lobster roll is on a New England style hot dog bun. It's not a lobster sandwich or grinder, fercryin'outloud! ;)

      2. Just had to avert my gaze from a $28 lobster roll at a place called CRU on Nantucket. And it was a cold salad roll at that!! I opted for the very mediocre $20 hamburger instead. My point is that the Connecticut lobster roll prices are not so bad.

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          Had a $30 shrimp cocktail at Cru last year, by accident. CT prices not so bad and (usually) not as much attitude.