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May 31, 2013 08:10 AM

Inlet Highlands NJ

Used to go pre-Sandy and enjoyed the food. Have been twice post-Sandy and was shocked at the new prices. The renovation is great, they did a nice job. The food quality is less than it was pre-Sandy. And the prices have sky-rocketed. Very little on the dinner menu less than $30. I ordered Scallops and rice pilaf - it came with french fries without any explanation - and was a lot of food but just over $30. The setting is great, the food is ok, the prices are way to high. Used to be a go to place, now not so sure. They seem to be busy, so maybe it is the visitor that they want to attract versus the locals.

Anyone dine here? What do you think about the prices?

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  1. I tried to go last sat night. I couldn't even find a spot and left.

    Last year was decent. I will have to report back. I think it is too hot to go tonight.

    1. I've long since abandoned the Inlet as a 'seafood' dining option. The Inlet will always be remembered for their buckets of steamers when those soft shelled beauties were cheap (and I don't care if I'm dating myself - that's the reason most of us locals went there).

      Dined there maybe once in the last 10 years - not bad, not great, but not good enough for consideration for a return visit. I did however run into a very old friend there that afternoon. ;-)

      Btw, how were the scallops? The rice pilaf and french fries (2 God blessed starches no less) tells me that there isn't a helluva lot of creativity in that kitchen, delivering a plate of great food that a chef would be proud of. Going to check with a chef friend of mine to see who's in that kitchen.

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        While the OP hasn't had an opportunity to reply (how were the scallops???), I did reach out to my chef friend who commented ALL prices (meats especially are through the roof of late). He does all of the ordering for a large wedding/banquet hall here in Monmouth and he hasn't seen anything like it in some time. Chicken breasts $3.00/lb, skirt steak $9.00/lb which. He commented many of the processing/wholesalers are selling most all of their chicken to China because of the flu/virus over there.

        When asked about the chef over at IC, he said he doesn't know him personally, but he's been there for 5-6 years and is good. Though I still question the sides on NYC's scallop dish - I guess they're still delivering plates like it was the ol Cafe/Fishery type of establishment

      2. I went for lunch on saturday.

        I got a fried shrimp basket with 5 jumbo shrimp. My wife got some fried oysters and a plate of clams casino.

        she had 2 beers and I had a beer and a "rum punch" at 14.00 (kind of two drinks in one.)

        83 (with tip) and change for that lunch....kind of steep and not outstanding. Nothing was bad I think the prices have steadily increased over the years. It's still a nice place and it was packed. I need to get back for dinner to see what is new this year.

        Speaking of highlands, I went to "off the hook" for the first time in years. I must say, that is one of the few spots that can actually cook a buffalo wing correctly. 8 bucks for a dozen isn't bad either. And yes, the bar crowd is still quite eclectic there.