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Best time to get a guaranteed bar seat at Kazu?

From reading the reviews, it looks really all cracked up to be and worth the hype.

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  1. a guarantee seat? about 30 minutes or more before opening especially when the weather is nice

    1. If you're dining solo or as a pair, they'll usually aim to seat you at the bar. If a table frees up first you could just ask them to seat the party behind you in line. The best times to minimize waiting is to show up more than 15 mins before they open (at 5:30). There's also usually a lull around 7:45 but this can vary. Don't show up late (after 9) as you might not get in at all. Also for late lunch you could try at 2pm, but the menu is quite limited.

        1. I went there today and took it back to work with me. The food was just fantastic - it really is a very good restaurant.

          I had the tofu salad with kimchi today, and it was amazing. Highly recommended.

          1. 2:30pm for lunch, thats what I usually do

            1. If eating alone you can go anytime you want but you can wait 30 minutes at most. If you have a group < 5 then show up at 5pm although they won't seat your group at the bar.

              In any case 30 minutes is the standard.

              1. Please do not send any more people to Kazu. Last Saturday there were 12 people in line at 5:15.

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                  That's wild! Sounds like it's time for them to raise prices and/or open a second location and/or expand.

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                    Indeed. I braved the lines once when there was barely a lineup. Waited a very long time to be squeezed between people. Food was great, but nothing I would wait in line for. Sorry to go against the mainstream for this.

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                      I went last week for lunch for the first time in a few months and the whole kitchen staff was different, the main cook looked indian or something, anyway it just wasnt the same. portions are smaller and food was not executed as well. I left disappointed, and not sure Id go back. Then again Ive been 50+ times so I guess im just sick of it..

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                      Last year Kazu wanted to find a replacement for him so he can open a 2nd take-out only restaurant. Now he doesn't even have a single permanent replacement team to handle the cooking nor someone to do the front side. No one lasts that long.

                      Sunday he mentioned a depanneur style shop with to-go prepared foods.

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                        Their prices are already pretty high (at least for lunch)!

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                          I agree , cost me 40$ (tax and tip included) for that tuna salmon bowl and a shrimp burger at lunch.. And theres not much tuna or salmon in there..

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                            IMO, lunch at Kazu has never been a great deal, but dinner is always quite reasonable for what you get.

                            Of course it's cheaper if you only order one lunch.

                    3. kazu is cool the first time but the menu doesn't really change so not really worth the wait for subsequent visits. every dish is pretty much covered with the same salad/vinagrette combo so everything tastes pretty much "one note." i go there once a year and each year it's pretty much exactly the same meal. i wish they were a little more creative IMO.

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                        5 things I eat often that don't taste the same

                        hot pot
                        tuna/salmon bowl
                        48 hour pork
                        pork neck
                        home made tofu or gyoza or pickles