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May 31, 2013 07:34 AM

Good eats near the W hotel

Hey all,

Will be flying into NOLA around 9 on a friday night and checking into the W. Can you recommend a solid place for dinner in the general vicinity. We are probably eating at Emeril's NOLA on saturday night and places I looked into that interested me were Cochon, Luke, Red Fish Grill, Coquette and GW Fins. I just have no idea about location or attractiveness to a group of 8 female new yorkers. Would like a good atmosphere with very good food.

thanks so much

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    1. If you don't already have a reservation at Cochon for 8 people, it might be tough to get one. I would skip Red Fish Grill. Also FYI you will need a cab to get to Coquette from either W location.

      1. well be at the W in the french quarter

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          Your list is good but Red Fish is defintely at the bottom of the list. SoBu, Muriels and Mr. B's are all good close choices before RedFish Grill

          1. re: collardman

            I like Luke and GW Fins the best of all the places you mentioned. But they are further away than SouBou and Mr B's.