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May 31, 2013 07:21 AM

Hotel 32. .

Sits at the top of the Monte Carlo..
Never heard of the place till yesterday.
Hope there is good food!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Did you hear about it on I read about it yesterday too.

      1. Has been there for years or at least was there in 2011.

        1. Hotel 32 was built after a large fire destroyed the top floor of the Monte Carlo a few years ago.

          It is the "high end" floor which includes specialized service and even a lounge for complimentary food. It is Monte Carlo's equivalent of Sky Suites at Aria or the Mansion at MGM. Of course it's not as nice as Sky Suites or the Mansion, but the price is much lower as well. Just don't equate "high end" with "large" as many of the rooms are not that large. They had to build within the confines of Monte Carlo's existing infrastructure, so the cheapest Hotel 32 rooms are not that much larger than a normal room.

          The extra amenities really make it a nice place to stay. The lounge has drinks and snacks all day long and serves some hot foot during meal hours. You get picked up from the airport by limo, taken up a Hotel32 only elevator to a private check-in area on the floor, and introduced by name to people who will be helping you during your stay.

          Do note that Monte Carlo-NYNY on the strip side are starting to undergo major construction at this time. Being on the top floor should make noise less of an issue, but driving to the parking lot or valet could be more difficult.

          1. I'm a Wynn or Trump chica but love seeing high end hotels for under $200 in Vegas.
            Wish they would have something more than a lounge32 with some small plates and juice drinks.