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May 31, 2013 06:25 AM

Sonoma producers protest new labelling law

Part of the Department of Redundancy Dept.???

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  1. That's pretty crazy. I'm assuming that 'county'-sourced (AKA tending to be more mass produced) product benefits from a linkage to generally higher-end individual AVAs that don't now contain the the word Sonoma (Rockpile, Dry Creek, etc.).

    This is reminding me of the experience I had last year when I was trying to source wine for a Chinese food distribution company. For their needs the wine had to have the word 'Napa' on it or it may as well come from Cleveland. Atlas Peak, Mt. Veeder, Oakville.................. of ZERO value unless the winery name had international recognition. At a $2/btl target price none of this worked, but the issue was clear. Segue from Napa to Sonoma and I can see a possible rationale here.

    Jason................ this can't just apply to Sonoma, can it?

    1. "Part of the Department of Redundancy Dept.???"

      ...or the Natural Guard.

      Good to see another Firesign fan. And thanks for the links.