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May 31, 2013 06:19 AM

Amazing, Awesome, and Incredible Food

Truly incredible. Not to be believed. I was amazed. Amazed and awed. I was filled with a sense of wonder. And veneration. Perhaps a feeling of dread also at what was to come of my life and the world around us.

Remember the first time you saw the Grand Canyon? Yeah, eating that mini-burger was all that and more.

No, scratch that. Awesome is not even a satisfactory way to describe the experience. It was super awesome.

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    1. Meal at the Fat Duck, in 2010. Then the world's second best restaurant (if you give any credit to the San Pellegrino awards).

      1. It is hard to pick just one because I have very vivid food memories from different periods in my life.

        I guess I will go with the real chocolate mousse I had around 13yo.

        1. La Spezia. Arrived on a late afternoon train. Checked in and went to a resto nearby that was recommended by the staff. Ordered a grilled seafood dish and a pitcher of the local wine. I'm still haunted by the memory of the flavor of the seafood. I've never had anything come close. Not even at Le Bernardin or EMP.

          1. the very first time I tried a triple creme cheese

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              That's right up there for me as well. It was around 1974, at a small cheese shop in San Francisco. I asked for a nice sharp cheddar, and the cheesemonger said "sure, but try this first".

              The cheese was L'Explorateur (76% butterfat) and it's still one of my favorites. I've had some peaches and white nectarines that fall into that category as well.