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May 31, 2013 05:48 AM

Long weekend end of July - how's this itinerary?

My first trip to NYC in over 40 years, my English wife's first trip ever. I think I've worked out a plan but would like comments. We're arriving Friday noon July 26th.

Friday night: Peking Duck House in Chinatown - I really want Chinese food and Peking Duck is one of the few Chinese things my wife liked (she wasn't too happy with the food on our trip to China!)

Breakfast - Leo's bagels in the financial quarter as we have an 8am Statute of Liberty Trip booked.
Lunch - Chelsea Market as my wife's going to a quilting exhibit 4 minutes away
pm is a food tour
Dinner - Charles Country Pan Fried Chicken in Harlem - trying to spread geographical locations and I love fried chicken and cornbread!

Breakfast - Bubby's Pies or Clinton Street Diner for pancakes (whichever, the other one for Monday)

Lunch/Brunch - Minetta's - having been introduced to French Dip in a lodge on the Rogue River in Oregon earlier this month, I want to try it in a real restaurant.

Dinner - Henry's End, which takes us to Brooklyn

Breakfast - Bubby's or Clinton Street
followed by the self-guided LES tour I found here
Lunch - not sure, maybe the east side Westville?
Dinner - we have to be at the Gershwin for 7 so I was thinking Hill Country Chicken as that should be quick service, right?

and sadly Tuesday morning will probably be breakfast at EWR but on a brighter note, lunch in Asheville, another foodie city!

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  1. Where are you traveling from?

    Is your wife picky about other foods?

    It seems like overkill to me a little to have fried chicken twice as well as pancakes twice.

    You will be waiting in a long line at Clinton St Baking Co for pancakes on a Sunday. By the time you sit, order, and eat, you may not actually be hungry in time for lunch anywhere.

    ALSO Minetta only serves their French dip sandwich on Wed-Fri. Lunch only. Not on the brunch menu.

    Pancakes (again) on Monday plus RGR's self guided LES tour will probably make you too full to appreciate the tour. I don't think you'll be hungry for lunch afterwards.

    I don't see any burgers, BBQ, steak, pizza, Italian, Thai, Japanese, French, Spanish, etc on your itinerary?

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    1. re: kathryn

      I was planning on breakfast at 8 am both Sunday and Monday. And I'm guessing Bubby's won't be as busy Sunday as Clinton so will probably go there Sunday.
      The real food tour is on Saturday, we might not eat much on the LES tour, or that might be our lunch.
      I checked the brunch menu for Minetta, it includes French Dip.
      We love pancakes and living in the UK we don't get them unless I make them (yes, I can make decent pancakes but it's not the same, and my efforts at sourdough are pathetic, it always dies on me). My favorite breakfast is pancakes, and they are my wife's 2nd favorite and her first is the oatmeal she makes herself (porridge).
      Italian maybe, BBQ in Asheville where we go next. The rest, probably not. She eats some of your list but isn't keen on them although I like a good burger and Japanese we agreed on only one Oriental meal and no burgers.
      Thanks though, your comments make sense but not for us I think.

      1. re: DougWeller

        It's hard to make additional recommendations without knowing what's on your food tour on Saturday.

        If you're at Chelsea Market, might as well see the High Line then, it's right there.

        Really, no pizza?

        1. re: kathryn

          Well, maybe pizza. If it's thin crust Neapolitan. The reason for Charlie's Saturday night is that it's pretty inexpensive, no point paying a lot of money after a food tour. The food tour does include pizza:
          New York Style Pizza: Neapolitan thin crust pizza made with the freshest ingredients.
          Cupcake: Make your own cupcake using fresh daily made all natural ingredients at a national awarded cupcake shop!
          Middle Eastern Falafel Sandwich: Crispy and savory snack from the first gourmet falafel shop in the City.
          Italian Rice Ball: From a local favorite Italian specialty store!
          Kati Roll: The ultimate Indian street food, a type of Indian flat bread, around a variety of meats vegetables and cheese.
          Cannoli: Fresh and creamy treat from an authentic, popular Italian bakery, where serves the best cannoli in the city!
          *(Optional) New York Bagel: A wide variety of bagels and cream cheese from a local favorite shop.

          1. re: DougWeller

            Hi. Where are you getting those descriptions from? What food tour?

            Anyway, New York-style pizza is not Neapolitan style. It's made in either a gas oven (for typical corner pizza parlors) or a coal-fired oven (for most of the highest-quality New York-style pizza). Neapolitan pizza is made in wood-burning brick ovens.

            Since your wife is English, don't get any Indian food in New York.

            If you want a cannoli, do you have the time to go to Bensonhurst or somewhere else in Brooklyn or Queens? I don't know if there's anyplace in Manhattan that sells one worth buying at this point - or certainly going out of your way to buy. While you're in New York, why not concentrate on American baked goods like cheesecake, squares of various kinds, and maybe pie? Where are you going to be staying? Downtown? Any sight-seeing we could help you plan around?

            If you want falafel, or better yet, a sabich, go to Taim.

            A good place for cupcakes is Two Little Red Hens, which is a reasonable walk if you plan on going to the Metropolitan Museum. However, what I've liked best there has been their squares - lime/coconut, chocolate/pecan, lemon, linzer.

            1. re: Pan

              The food tour is "The Ultimate New York Food Tour" - as it starts "In front of John's Pizzeria 278 Bleecker St" my guess is that's where we get the pizza. You're right about Indian food, that's just part of the tour. I agree about squares - my wife doesn't like cheesecake sadly although she does like squares.
              The LES tour will be mainly looking - no sandwiches, maybe an egg cream and certainly a doughnut or 4.
              Ice cream and or gelato (I'm adding the Melt Bakery as we pass it on Orchard Street, see
              And of course the Tenement Museum.
              May keep the bialys/donuts for later as well, so really not a lot of eating.
              As the hotel is near Union Square, we are near Baked by Melissa which looks like it has interesting cupcakes and will also go to Chikalicious. I don't want to go out of our way for anything really, that's too indulgent. Pie sounds good also and I hope to grab a hotdog (hotdogs in the UK are almost always pork except when they are chicken and pork).
              Thanks very much for the details.
              Ah, yes, I can get pancakes in Asheville but not sourdough or sour cream as at Bubby's, and although Clinton Street may not be the best I just want to go there. And I won't be in Asheville much, my brother's mountain home is 1 1/2 hours away.

              1. re: DougWeller

                I think I know where your tour will be going. Just up and down Bleecker St. John's, Faicco's, Molly's, Rocco's, Kati Roll Company. Please make sure you guys don't crowd the sidewalk so that people can get by... *cough*

                You'll also be in a corridor with some of the best gelato in the city. L'Arte De Gelato, Grom, Cones... I am not familiar with Melt Bakery but I'd definitely stop by a gelato place on Bleecker St and/or Il Laboratorio de Gelato.

                Baked by Melissa is kind of lame and totally overpriced. The cupcakes are minuscule and don't taste all that great.

                IMO it would be a SHAME to do the RGR tour and not even get a taste of pastrami at Katz's or salmon at Russ & Daughters. You came all the way to NYC! Eat some classic NYC foods if you're going to those locations any way!

                1. re: kathryn

                  Thanks for the comments. Shame aboutMelissa cupcakes - I'm always looking for unusual flavors, not just good cupcakes in the usual flavors.
                  You're right about the pastrami, I must try it. Salmon, not so sure, we have good salmon in Scotland.
                  I'll check out the gelato places you name.
                  Had some wonderful buttered stout ice cream and a red wine and coca-cola sorbet in San Francisco (they tell me half red wine and half coke also makes a good drink & I see they are doing a 6 pack of beer ice cream this month). Any place that does unusual flavors in NYC?

                  1. re: DougWeller

                    We don't have anything like Humphry Slocombe, but we do have some interesting desserts around.

                    Forgot to mention - L'Arte de Gelato also has a stand in Chelsea Market. Really like their olive oil flavor.

                    Both Katz's and R&D will let you try before you buy, you can taste a few different versions of salmon that R&D carries as well as some of the other things they have.

                    For Baked by Melissa, BTW, it's 1 USD for the cupcake about the size of a quarter (< 2.5cm).

                    For unusual cupcakes, Sweet Revenge is very close to Bleecker St:

                    And Victory Garden, too, for salted caramel goat soft serve:

                    You might as well go to the West Village location of Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, too, as well and try a Salty Pimp. I'm partial to American Globs:

                    All three of these are within a short walk of your food tour area.

                    You'll probably also want to find somewhere that stocks Robicelli's:

                    You could also try to go to Momofuku Milk Bar for their cake truffles (there's one not too far from Union Square):

                    Each location has the cereal milk soft serve, but the 2nd soft serve flavor is always different dependent upon where you are. The one in the East Village not too far from Chikalicious, so also a short walk from your hotel. Big Gay Ice Cream also has an East Village location as well.

                    Also near Big Gay Ice Cream and Chikalicious is Crif Dogs, one of my favorite hot dog places. They have unusual toppings. The hot dogs are typically deep fried sans batter, so have a nice pop when you bite into them. Atmosphere overall is kinda divey and there is a speakeasy bar hidden behind the telephone booth named PDT (Please Don't Tell).

                    If in that neighborhood a crawl including Crif Dogs, Big Gay Ice Cream, Chikalicious (cupcakes to go), Momofuku Milk Bar (cake truffles to go?) could be fun.

                    If you like Asian ice cream flavors, then hit up Sundaes & Cones, very close to Union Square. IIRC their green tea is awesome.

                    Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is not too far from the LES either:

                    Red wine and Coca Cola is very common in Spain, BTW.

                    1. re: kathryn

                      Thanks Kathryn, there are some brilliant ideas there. We'll probably go to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory or Chickalicious (our hotel is near Union Square) after the Peking Duck House.

                    2. re: DougWeller

                      I haven't been to Il Laboratorio di Gelato recently, but I recall them having unusual flavors (maybe not quite as unusual as wine and Coke, though - a flavor I wouldn't like, as I hate Coke).

                  2. re: DougWeller

                    The tenament museum is actually very close to Il Labratorio di gelato, on ludlow st and houston corner.

            2. re: DougWeller

              You should be able to get pancakes in Asheville, too, though I'm no expert about Asheville. What I doubt you can get there is good pastrami. Does that interest you?

              Edit: Perhaps RGR had a trip to Katz's in her tour, though. I wouldn't combine it with anything else, myself, because I'd be too full!

            3. re: kathryn

              I also agree that pancakes followed by the RGR LES tour could be too much (speaking from experience because I actually attempted to do it on a trip two years ago), but is doable if you cut out some stops, like I did (but what's the fun in that?).

            4. Ah, and despite the comment about burgers, I think Monday depends on what we plan to do the rest of the day, eg Shake Shack is a possibility if we are in that area. We haven't firmed up our plans for the day except for Saturday. We plan to do some of the usual, Empire State, High Line (which I've never seen), etc.

              1. The original comment has been removed