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May 31, 2013 01:55 AM

Faurie closes for year

In case others are planning on going there, my husband and I just received word that Philippe Bouissou will not be cooking this year at the Hotel Faurie, which he is therefore closing for the year also.

We only found out yesterday that our reservation for this coming Sunday and Monday night had been cancelled. Our trip had been structured around a return to the Faurie so we were very disappointed at the (perhaps unavoidable) late notice.

We're scrambling to work out an alternative plan, and the rain is pouring down in the Jura. If anyone has any suggestions for similarly amazing food to the Faurie's (ideally accompanied by a room to sleep in) on Sunday and Monday night, within 3 hours or so drive from Poligny in the Jura do please say! We're also thinking of going to Paris instead but Sunday nights are hard for dining there?

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  1. Hotel du Levant in Meyras, Neyrac Les Bains, in another part of Ardèche.
    It is very different from Faurie. It is utterly old-school classic, a restaurant that is part of a true spa in the old sense of the word spa.
    The locals love it.
    I repeat: don't expect Faurie. Expect the opposite, a tried&true traditional place beloved by locals.
    En plus, it is in a very beautiful area, very near the Medieval village of Jaujac, one of my faves.

    1. We haven't tried this place yet, but you might like Les Deux Abbesses, 85km east of Faurie. The setting is rather magical.

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        Thank you everyone for all the suggestions!

        We would have loved to use them but have a Tuesday flight booked out of Lyon to London and so decided we would spend a night in Lyon and one in the Savoie en route to lessen driving times: the Ardèche was a detour we were making to accommodate the Hotel Faurie's late date of opening for this year. We reserved Daniel et Denise for Monday night and are licking our lips in anticipation. On Sunday, we're going to swing by Yoann Conte in Veyrier-du-Lac on Lake Annecy to spend the night and eat dinner. Hopefully it will be worth the expense. We're very much on the lookout for a good lunch spot in or near Annecy or on the way from there to Lyon if anyone has an idea!

        (We had a room reservation at Michel Bras we now rather miss, for earlier in our trip between Burgundy and the Jura, but reconfigured our itinerary and swapped Bras for the Faurie when the Faurie said they'd be open.)

      2. We are in the same boat but our reservation wasn't until July. We were so disappointed to get the email. Chateau de Rochessauve ( was recommended to us. I can't vouch for it but it might be worth a look.

        1. How sad/ disappointing for you, all of us and, I imagine, especially them. Such a singular place (originally built by his grandfather, Sofi told us), it seems quite impossible to match. But we too are making notes of these suggestions. -- Jake

          1. FYI - we thought we'd look into Francois Gagnaire as another option but his restaurant is closed until July 4.