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Label's Table Delicatessen & Restaurant. :-) ..."and here is why"

long winded middle-aged to elderly hosting long conversations on the patio
The Pastrami was to die for, I think I know why, but somebody tell me, please.

Something about the place, nostalgia, culture, decore, team working lll don't really, as long as it stays this way, I'll ba back weekly.

fry's were good (thick) circas just got delifired.

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  1. Is that place kosher? I've seen it on the street but ever went in...

    1. wow. i have no idea what any of this means.

      1. Do they dip the pastrami?
        I believe it is kosher

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          You can get a side of au jus at the pico location (only one ive been to)...real tasty with the pastrami...the brisket there is the juiciest ive had in town...consistently...never dry...you can mix it up and get the pastrami or brisket on a long onion roll or kaiser roll....nothing shabby about the crusty rye tho. I agree with the other posters that this place is a gem and a real deal too...also like the new style pickles and they will give you as many as you like with your sandwich.

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            I went today for a deli to go: smoked turkey, Roast Beef and egg bread. The breads are made and delivered daily. Love the pickles & I'll try the aus jus this week, great tip, Thanks.

        2. Labels table is fantastic and they are not kosher.

          Edit: I speak for the one on Pico.

          1. sorry linus, phone typing is tough. Anyway, Label's is on Mulholland in Woodland Hills. Nice Tables outside with regulars customers. Great deli, probably best on west sided, as described in numerous chownd threads.

            Breakfast looks very good and I believe they serve entire menue all day.The fries were thick cut (you have a choice) and my former goto deli, Circas, just got fired, because Label's is now my go to deli on the west side...clear as mud :-0

              1. Thanks guys. Hope you enjoy and get a good laugh here and there. I'll clarify, but refuse to bore myself with dull post about a sandwich. Man, ya'll are harsh.

                Labels is a non-kosher deli on Mulholland Drive. It offers a large selection, more than Cricca's in Topanga Canyon Drive, or Highway 27, if you will. So, I fired Cricca's and hired Lables, as my go to deli.

                The Pastrami is very good.

                Some tables sit outside and patrons sit there everyday.

                I'm from Arkansas and do know my Q.

                Reading this is boring, so is writing it.

                More better a yeehaw for labels, circcas, your fired! :-)

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                  Edit: Because I like to ruin things by overexplaining them, that's *snaps* as in snapping fingers after a poetry reading, not brains snapping after reading something incomprehensible, which this comment definitely wasn't. And it was more boring, I agree, except for the last line!

                2. I go to the Label's Table on Pico, a few blocks east of Beverly -- never been to the one in the SFV -- and have recommended it here. Big, stuffed sandwiches for $8.50++ (a buck less if the daily special), about $4 less than their deli competitors. The one on Pico is an order at the register, take to your seat type of place. The pickles they serve with the sandwiches are also very good.

                  1. Labels Table is the best deli on the westside. Excellent corned beef and pastrami. User friendly prices. It's my second choice, with Langer's being first.

                    1. Went here it his morning and had the pastrami on rye with mustard. It is now my favorite thin sliced Pastrami. I wish Johnnie's was anywhere near this good. But it's not.

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                        Which Label's is "here"? Valley or Pico?

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                          Last time I posted about my visit, someone recommended the brisket and ask for the au jus.

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                            I have had the brisket, when it was daily special, and it was very good. Didn't know about the au jus option.

                        2. When I was growing up, Label's Table was pretty much known as the discount deli, not as good as Junior's, Factor's or Nate n Al's, but a buck or two cheaper per pound. Needless to say, it was the one my dad went to...