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May 30, 2013 10:34 PM


Looking for organic herbs, particularly savory. Anyone know where I can find some around Essex, Bergen county?

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  1. to grow or cook with? if growing, then after a few weeks the result is all on you buttercup.

    1. Kings Supermarkets carry a variety of organic fresh herbs. You can also check out the local farmers markets, many of them have organic vendors.

      1. I definitely like to grow my own for the most part. If it's an herb I would rarely use, then I do buy them. A&P in Woodcliff Lake has organic herbs available. Also Kings in Hillsdale.

        1. if you're adventerous and want more than just savory, try taking a trip to the country. While it's not certified organic, they do not use pesticides nor herbicides on their stock.

          Wellsweep Farm in Port Murray (near Hacketstown)