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May 30, 2013 09:55 PM


I will be in Vancouver for 2 days and am looking for local honeys as souvenirs.

Can my trusted BC chowhounders recommend any good quality local honeys available for purchase in the downtown/coal harbour area? Since it's a <36hr trip I won't be renting a car.

My first instinct was to source from Graville Isl. It will be a short cab ride. If so, what would be your recommendation there?

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  1. Your best bets are likely the Farmers' Markets:

    The search function (honey) is actually useful:

    Hopefully your time here coincides with one of the markets being open.

    1. The Chilliwack River Farm has a permanent honey stand in the Granville Island Market and sell all sorts of smaller jars, candles, etc. Very reasonable prices and they do samples of all the varieties so you can pick your favourites. They're on the east side of the market near the Granville Island Tea Company and the South China Seas trading company.

      The Edible Canada giftshop probably has local honey as well as lots of other souvenir foodie items. They're located on Granville Island as well, kittycorner to the actual Granville Island market. The giftshop is in the back/side of the restaurant.

      1. I really enjoy Honeyview Farms honey, though I am devastated to see that they don't appear to have the honey and cranberries anymore.

        You can check out their store locator here:

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          Woot, I just got an email from Honeyview and they are still making the honey and cranberries. It really is delicious, nice and tangy.

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            Just bought 15kg of Honey from the Thompson River Valley- outstanding quality but like many quality Honeys here only available from the apiary.

            I haven't found anywhere in Vancouver to have a varied/ worthwhile selection of local product-the place @ GIM for instance flogs their own exclusively and while Chilliwack is a fine place to produce Honey it's nothing special.

            Something of an outlier and of no use to OP but Bruce's Market in Maple Ridge is worth checking out they source from a number smaller artisanal producers around BC.


        2. Just saw this in the Westender and then passed it on Main today. It was car-free day and a zoo so I didn't check it out but thought it might be worth adding for the OP and future inquirers.

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            Just came back from Main Street Honey-a interesting idea with all kinds of products and outstanding service-right next door to Hawkers Delight.

            Bought some delicious Clover Honey-a dream for brekkie!


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              Nice find, Sam! I'm interested in the infused honeys for sure.