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May 30, 2013 08:37 PM

Surf and Turf on Monsarrat in Honolulu

The food here is delicioso! The tacos are fresh beyond belief! I had a spicey poke taco that came with a perfectly cooked panko coated shrimp and so good ahi poke topped with spicey mayo, salsa, shredded cabbage on warm tender corn tortillas. My Dude had a steak taco cooked perfectly rare with fresh salsa - heaven. I know good Mexican food and this place does it right. This place is a local find. There is a small parking lot but also comfortable walking distance from Kapiolani Park, Sans Souci Beach or the Zoo locales. Cash only, however - there is a cash machine. There are young people working the front who seem distant initially but talk to them about the food and they beam. Altogether a sweet time.

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