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May 30, 2013 07:20 PM

San Antonio restaurants

Hi! I am looking for restaurants with fun bars that I can sit at by myself and have a nice meal and a cocktail. I am also looking for any good restaurants and/or bars near the JW Marriott which is a little outside of downtown. Thanks!

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  1. To say that the JW is "just north of downtown" is an understatement. It's a long way with a ton of traffic. If you're staying there, you'll probably eat there too. If you're going downtown, maybe something in the middle? Dough is half way between and they have a good bar where you can watch the kitchen.

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      It's a bit of a drive, and 281 traffic can be an issue. Bin555 is about 2 miles W of 281 on Bitters, can also sit at the kitchen bar there. If you're intrigued by the food truck scene check out the Boardwalk on Bulverde-will not be too far from JW.

    2. Not too far (10 miles), Wildfish Seafood Grill has a lively bar scene, especially on Thursdays. For comparison, Dough (excellent choice, but beer and wine only) is 14 miles, Bin 555 12 miles.
      Cielito Lindo has excellent authentic Mexican food and a bar, 8 miles.
      There are several choices at Pearl Brewery, 20 miles, downtown is a few miles further.

      1. There's a Marriott in the Rivercenter, right downtown so it could be this one she's referring to.

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          Maybe, but the one DT is not a JW Marriott