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May 30, 2013 04:34 PM

Chili, no beans

Now that the weather around here is finally warming up and the nights are cool, I'd like to use up some of the last venison I have in the freezer to make some chili to warm up the cool nights outside.
I've made chili before and have used the stovetop the oven and a crockpot/slow cooker. I've used diced meat and ground meat. All good. The only thing is, no beans.
Do you have a recipe for lean stew venison chili?
Crockpot is always easiest. No hot kitchen, no fuss, just dump and cook, or something like that. :-)

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  1. The approach I use for regular chili might adapt well to venison. Cut into one inch cubes and brown in bacon fat. Add minced onions, a good amount of chili powder, a little oregano, a hearty glug of bourbon, and a small amount of tomato sauce. Simmer as long as you care to simmer. Add cayenne or other hot peppers to taste. I like a few minced habaneros. Salt to taste. I skip the masa as it is nice and thick.