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May 30, 2013 04:29 PM

Downtown la restsurants

Need to pick a restaurant for dinner in downtown la for my brothers birthday. Preferably near the staples center and no more than 50 dollars a person without drinks. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    1. Rivera (Mexican)
      Casa Nostra (Italian)
      Ill Mare (Italian)
      The Palm (Steaks)

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      1. re: jgilbert1000

        Can you really do The Palm in under 50/person?

            1. re: cujo

              Instead of a celebratory dinner, a birthday Happy Hour. Just make sure it's OK with the birthday boy before pulling that one off.

        1. Colori Kitchen (8th & Olive), for excellent Italian.

          1. Rivera would be my pick in the immediate vicinity of Staples Center.

            Going slightly farther afield are Bar+Kitchen, Drago Centro, Bottega Louie, and The Parish. I keep hearing great things about Alma but haven't been yet.

            1. Rivera is very good and a lot of fun. A little bit further (but not much) I have heard very good things about Parish.