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May 30, 2013 03:54 PM

Saturday night group dinner in Mission - ideas?

Suggestions for a Saturday night dinner for 5.

We'll be on 24th and Mission for a flamenco performance and would prefer something within 15 min. walking distance or 7 min. bus ride.

Nothing too formal or pricey (~$45/person works) but nothing too casual either. No taquerias or counter places please.

What are the best mid-range restaurants in the Mission that would be fun for a small group? Preferably somewhere where plates could easily be shared amongst the table. Basque style pixtos menu would be fantastic, but anything works.

We used to live in the Mission but always seemed to find ourselves at the same restaurants, so I'm looking for some new suggestions.


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    1. Also Beretta on 23rd and Valencia is a casual place.

      1. What are the places you like and usually go?

        Limon Rotisserie
        Blue Plate
        Beast and the Hare

        maybe St. Vincent, which is tapas, and the portions are big. But not cheap if you're drinking.

        If it's after the performance, I'd go somewhere that takes reservations.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

            We'd go to Limon, Bar Tartine, Delfina, Foreign Cinema, Beretta, Mission Chinese, Little Star, Flour + Water, the Mexican place with the Mariachi band on Valencia, the Asian fusion place on Valencia near 18th, Commonwealth, El Delfin, etc. These are just some of the middle to higher range sit-down places we'd frequent while living in the neighborhood.

            I'll filter through all the suggestions and pick something out! We'll probably only be able to sit down between 9:45-10pm though, in case that makes a difference.

            Thanks for all the tips!

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              That helps, thanks.

              Be aware tomorrow is MAPP so places along 24th will be busier than usual. Not that that's a bad thing. Lots of music and art.