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May 30, 2013 03:50 PM

Best Challah / Egg bread in Vancouver (Area)?

I lived near a bakery as a child that sold a dark, glossy, braided loaf which they referred to as simply "egg bread". The interior was twice as yellow as any I've tried since, subtly sweet, with an almost "cheese-string" effect - you could pull it apart and it had a grain similar to meat. Not the fluffy spongey texture the ones I've tried recently have. They all seem too light. Help?

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  1. You might try Bigsby the Baker, the Swiss Bakery and Max's plus any of the other Jewish delis; don't know enough about challah to say if what you want is typical or unusual. Good luck.

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      Max's Deli is now owned by folks from the Philippines.

    2. I have not tried the egg bread but everything I have tried is first rate. The cinnamon buns are the best I have tasted, $0.50 each.
      Nickel's Bakery, 1816 Lonsdale, North Van. 9:00 to 6:00 Mon. to Fri., 9:00 to 5:00 Sat.

      1. You can try the challah from Omnitsky which is baked by Garden City Bakery. It's not my favorite, but it has a bit of that stringiness texture, though it's decidedly not the least bit yet or glossy & dark on the outside. It's sweetish tho.

        I like Terra's challah but its not traditional Jewish type, its a very crispy crust with a medium moist interior. Not that stringy nor is it that sweet.

        Perhaps Siegels Bagels? They used to make that kind of challah, if I recall.

        Vancouver isn't a great challah city, unfortunately. The city's Jews aren't observant enough so there aren't loads of kosher bakeries, etc.

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          European Breads on Burrard has them with that rich dark brown exterior. Sweet .... not sure, unless you did some sort of A-B comparison with others. [BTW, their Fraser St. store has closed].

          Terra's exterior is different with a matte, whole wheat-looking rough texture, covered with sesame seeds. Not sure how "orthodox" it is.

          Other options:

          Sabra Bakery & Restaurant (Oak St)
          Solly's (original Main St. location moved north to plaza at King Edward, between Beefy Beef and Zakkushi, in the space where Mr. Sub used to be)
          Mix the Bakery (W. 10th)

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            Sabra Bakery is hands down the best in the city. They only make them on Fridays and often sell out so get there early. Solly's is a good second option.