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May 30, 2013 03:18 PM

Soft shell crabs in a restaurant ?

And go !!!


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  1. Believe it or not, Le Chine Wok at the top of Beverly Glen has a house special soft shell crab that is very good. I dont recall the price, but it was pretty reasonable. They have solid Chinese food to go and the soft shell crab and peking duck are probably their best dishes.

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      Is this the chinese joint that is almost next door to vibrato jazz and the kosher-style deli and there's a starbucks there too ?


      1. re: kevin

        Yup. It's 3 small ones for $16 I believe, done salt & pepper style.

    2. Kiriko has live Maryland soft-shell crab served with sweet onion rings and a shishito pepper all tempura. Was $24, but saw it for $20 last week. Delicious, but not sure if it's twice or thrice as delicious as the typical ~$8 presumably previously frozen soft-shell crab tempura found in most sushi restaurants. (Photo:

      Son of a Gun also has a soft-shell crab tempura. Photo and dish description from my review last year: Does not appear on their menu on their website, but chrishei had it as recently as a few weeks ago:

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        Damn, I didn't see it on the menu there the other day when grabbing some of that tamago.

      2. Just had two soft shelled crabs at Bamboo in Culver City served with rice and beans and plantains. Cuban style for $24 and a $6.50 mojita. Pretty good. The crabs were larger than the ones I've had at Japanese restaurants.

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          Sounds delicious! Thanks for the info, we hope to stop by this weekend.

        2. Yummy SSC sandwich at Santa Monica Seafood a few days ago. Soft Shell crabs on toasted sour dough with arugula, tomato, chipotle mayo and choice of salad or fries. It was one great sandwich. I can't recall the exact price,but IIRC, it was not crazy expensive.

          1. Deep fried whole soft-shell crab with ginger, garlic & scallion ponzu, Empress Harbor (Monterey Park). Quite good.

            Don't ask me the price - I didn't pay. I was the client in a business banquet (part of a 10 course meal).