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Soft shell crabs in a restaurant ?

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  1. Believe it or not, Le Chine Wok at the top of Beverly Glen has a house special soft shell crab that is very good. I dont recall the price, but it was pretty reasonable. They have solid Chinese food to go and the soft shell crab and peking duck are probably their best dishes.

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      Is this the chinese joint that is almost next door to vibrato jazz and the kosher-style deli and there's a starbucks there too ?


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        Yup. It's 3 small ones for $16 I believe, done salt & pepper style.

    2. Kiriko has live Maryland soft-shell crab served with sweet onion rings and a shishito pepper all tempura. Was $24, but saw it for $20 last week. Delicious, but not sure if it's twice or thrice as delicious as the typical ~$8 presumably previously frozen soft-shell crab tempura found in most sushi restaurants. (Photo: http://www.chow.com/photos/932393)

      Son of a Gun also has a soft-shell crab tempura. Photo and dish description from my review last year: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/858099. Does not appear on their menu on their website, but chrishei had it as recently as a few weeks ago: http://oheithere.wordpress.com/2013/0....

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        Damn, I didn't see it on the menu there the other day when grabbing some of that tamago.

      2. Just had two soft shelled crabs at Bamboo in Culver City served with rice and beans and plantains. Cuban style for $24 and a $6.50 mojita. Pretty good. The crabs were larger than the ones I've had at Japanese restaurants.

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          Sounds delicious! Thanks for the info, we hope to stop by this weekend.

        2. Yummy SSC sandwich at Santa Monica Seafood a few days ago. Soft Shell crabs on toasted sour dough with arugula, tomato, chipotle mayo and choice of salad or fries. It was one great sandwich. I can't recall the exact price,but IIRC, it was not crazy expensive.

          1. Deep fried whole soft-shell crab with ginger, garlic & scallion ponzu, Empress Harbor (Monterey Park). Quite good.

            Don't ask me the price - I didn't pay. I was the client in a business banquet (part of a 10 course meal).

            1. Excellent ones on special at Jar and Waterloo & City recently.

              1. Rivera does a soft shell crab arepa that's quite good.

                1. Tavern: Soft shell crab, succotash salad and cherry tomato brown butter. Delicious. My husband had this last night.

                  1. Tar & Roses has one with green papaya & mango salad. Dunno how it tastes, haven't eaten it yet... :-)

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                      The crab was a bit on the dinky side and a little too over-fried for the size. Not very succulent. Don't know if thats typical of the sizing. The mango and papaya salad was excellent.

                    2. sri siam noho

                      123. CRISPY SOFT SHELL CRAB 18.95
                      Served with green curry or herbs sauce.

                      among other related preps.

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                        damn, ns1, why you gotta always be rec'ing the noho eats ?

                        btw, sri siam is on sherman way, right ?

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                          says vanowen on yelp.

                          i just got off the phone with them, I'm on the border of their delivery radius. booyah.

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                            Vanown/Coldwater on the NE corner

                        2. The Ivy - Cajun style. Perfection

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                            Ok, I will try it.

                            How's the Cajun style prep prepared ?

                            And can you get it it at both the Robertson Ivy and the one at the shore ????


                          2. Blue plate Oysterette has them.

                            1. I had some pretty good ones at Jitlada. But then again they seem to always have it on their extremely extensive Southern Thai menu.

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                                  Soft shell crab fried served with egg noodles and sator beans.

                                  Fried snapper filets in a spicy mango chili sauce.

                                  the soft shell crabs dish was much much much spicier than the fried snapper.

                                  also, had an iced sweetened thai coffee.

                                  good but the prices have seriously gone through the roof. 7 bucks for even the iced coffee ? tiny soft shell crab dishes hovering at over 20 bucks.

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                                    i didn't have it but the mussels used to be about 15 bucks and now they are close to 20 bucks.

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                                      That was my feeling last time I was there.

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                                        It almost felt like they were proud of the fact that the prices were high. I think even if you did order pad thai here it might be close to 12 bucks.

                                        Though they are probably catering to a very different crowd than the rest of the Thai Town restaurants.

                                        For cheap and greasy, I still kind of like Sanamluang Cafe though I have not visited in a couple years now.

                              1. I like the Ivy on Robertson better than Ivy at the Shore. They serve them sautéed in a skillet. You can order them prepared with lemon and butter or Cajun spices.. The Cajun style is on the spicy side but not overly so. Enjoy!

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                                  Ivy has always prepared Soft Shell Crabs beautifully. Of note, is that Lynn Von Kersting, co-owner is from New Orleans. I am going to call Dolce Isola (their little boutique) and see if they are selling Soft Shell Crabs. They do prepare the amazing Ivy Crabcakes.

                                  1. Water Grill Santa Monica has them on the menu right now as a sandwich or a plater.

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                                      Really, huh? I would have thought their season was over.... Unless they are now being farmed.

                                      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                                        My guess is frozen, just like the lower end sushi places.

                                        1. re: SMBeetle

                                          Ah, didn't know they did that, thanks!

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                                            Was there last week and they said they were fresh