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May 30, 2013 02:52 PM

Sunsets in Manhattan

I'm curious where people think the best places in Manhattan are to watch sunset. For dinner or just drinks. I'll start with some places that I've heard. Please let me know if you've been to any of them.
Press Lounge
The Frying Pan
Sky Room
Boat Basin Cafe
Ava Lounge
Soaked (?)

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  1. The only one of those places I've been to is the Boat Basin Cafe. Lovely view, pleasant informal setting, decent basic drinks, and above average bar food--burgers, sandwiches, some classic salads. Not a dining destination, but certainly a good place to watch the sunset and catch a buzz.

    1. Pier i Cafe - Hudson River at 70th... great views, and a pretty good burger (beats the Boat Basin)

      1. North of the Boat Basin in Riverside Park there is also a spot to get beers in plastic cups and see the sunset at around 104th st by the volleyball courts. Further uptown you have La Marina in Inwood right on the water. I have not eaten at either, but nice sunsets and not horribly expensive. I've liked the Frying Pan when I have been there. Really; I'd sit in one of the parks with river frontage (Hudson River or West Harlem Piers are also both nice for this) for half an hour and enjoy the sunset, then go someplace that merits a visit nearby.