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May 30, 2013 02:29 PM

Is most Colby Jack cheese very mild?

I have dabbled with various brands of Colby Jack but it's all quite mild to the point of almost flavorless to me other than the sensation of cheese, is this true of most of the varieties or are there ones that you recommend or have tried which have a sharper flavor?

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  1. I agree...i've found that to be true, as well. I think you'll have to give up on C/J for more flavor, in general.

    1. Yes. It's a mild cheese. It is what it is.

      1. Agree with the others. It's a ~very~ mild flavor with an almost creamy texture when melted. I find it works well with egg and/or bean dishes where other strong flavors (e.g. jalapeno, onion) will be added.

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        1. Every colby I have had have been super homogenized, pasteurized and shelf stable. Which makes for a mild melting yellow cheese.

          Except for the cheese from the co-op in Colby, Wisconsin. Cut from a block, it was pale yellow with a pebbly texture. Almost like a brick. It had a sour, sharp taste in a mild way. Now you know why I don't do wine descriptions. It was balanced, not bland.

          It is now a required stop on my annual cheese trek around Wisconsin. And well worth the added hundred miles.

          1. Yep. Like rubbery nothing