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Boston with a 10 year old

My son and I are headed to Boston next week to catch a couple of Red Sox games. We are staying at the Embassy Suites-Logan Airport. Keeping in mind what 10 will likely eat; any recommendations? This is my first trip to Boston, so I do not have any past experiences. Thanks for the advice.

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  1. What does your 10 year old like to eat? I have an 11 year old, but he is pretty adventurous. If you give me an idea I am sure I can point you in the right direction.

    Also if you search the boards there are TONS of "first time to Boston" threads, best pizza in Boston, best lobster roll 2013 and an awesome "visitors guide to historic Boston".

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      Since he not adventurous I would stick to places he would find fun. Might not be the "best" but he would enjoy.

      1) Fenway Franks- plan a meal around one of the Redsox games and get a hot dogs, a bag of peanuts and cold drink
      2) Santarpios pizza which is right near your hotel. Not sure If you can walk but it would be a cheap cab ride.
      2) Mr Bartleys Burger-my son loves this place, right in Harvard Square
      3) For a taste of old Boston go to Union Oyster House. Most kids like a good old fried seafood platter. Or you could try Durgin Park-complete tourist trap with mediocre food but my nephew from MD (now 12) loved it, especially the grumpy waitresses. Both are in Fanuil Hall which would be fun for him too-usually great street performers all around.
      4) Regina Pizza, but make sure to go to the North End Location, the others don't compare.
      5) if you like lobster rolls check out this thread

    2. are you driving into boston or taking T? we can direct you better if we know how flexible your transportation is. Do you want recommendations for near Fenway?

      1. And also where are you from ?

        That helps in giving recs....

        1. Here are specifics. My 10 year old isn't super adventurous. He likes seafood, a good burger, and most other kids stuff. I can't go too far with him.

          We are flying into Boston and will be taking public transportation most everywhere we go. We want recommendations near Fenway, but we also have Sunday in which we are not going to Fenway, but will explore Harvard and some other places. This is his birthday gift, so I am leaving it up to him as what he wants to do. We are from South Carolina.

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            If you want to go "upscale" a bit for his birthday, Sweet Cheeks Barbecue near Fenway might be a good choice. Burgers near Fenway: U-Burger is across the street, Five Guys about a 5 block walk, Audubon Tavern more upscale but with an excellent burger, Eastern Standard Kitchen yet more upscale but with great burgers, all near Fenway. Train will take you to the North End for Regina's Pizza which is good enough to make gourmet adults smile and pizza enough to keep kids happy. North End is fun with a 10 year old: stop at one of the Italian pastry shops and let him sample the goods. Harvard: my grandkids love Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage - it isn't so great but it's good enough and kids think its great so that counts. They also like Charlie's near Harvard (I prefer Charlie's but I think it's number two to Mr. Bartley's to them). They also love the Harvard museums particularly the one with the glass flowers. Seafood near Fenway: Summer Shack would be my choice with kids. While Island Creek Oyster Bar is better and closer, it is more expensive and while it's perfectly kid friendly, I think Summer Shack might work a little better. Have fun.

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              By "train" to north end, teezee means (i think) subway, since we have commuter trains around here too.

              North End and Faneuil Hall are good destinations for 10 year olds.

              I like Tasty burger which is a block away from Fenway.

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                your hotel is walking distance to santarpio's pizza, a venerable institution, and quite the throw-back in time.

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                  I would think the food hall at Fanueil Hall would be the way to go with a 10 year old. Many, many food stalls, loads of activity and kids seem to like it.

              2. Remember also to save room for a Fenway Frank or two inside the park.. part of the experience..

                1. The food court at fanueil hall has a little bit of eveything.

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                      That might be the most cynical, least-accurate thing I've seen posted on Boston Chowhound.

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                        that's a pretty high bar, lol.

                        even the pizzeria regina there is terrible.

                        what's good?

                        quincy market long ago became populated with nothing but chain stores that are found in any american shopping mall, so other than the history/visual of it, and the red auerbach statue, i don't know why this place should be a destination.

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                          I know of no shopping mall that has even one-third of the variety of foods or the number of locally-owned food stalls that Quincy Market has. Can you get oysters shucked at your mall, or get freshly-fried wholebelly clams? Does your local mall have street performers? Mine doesn't.

                          Faneuil Hall is an excellent destination and every tourist I've ever been there with has considered it a highlight -- both the history/visuals of it and the food choices.

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                            Fanueil Hall is a great suggestion, especially with a 10 year old! When my son was younger one of his favorite places to go in Boston was Durgin Park. Boston Chowder has excellent clam chowder and really good lobster bisque.
                            Plenty of great casual lunch food can be found. Another favorite was always warm chocolate chip cookies from the Chipyard.

                    2. Its about a half mile walk from the Orient Heights MBTA stop, but Belle Isle Seafood is a fun place to hit.. fried seafood joint that has a generally well received lobster roll..

                      You'd probably need to cab it, or take the MBTA Blue line from the airport, but Taqueria Jalisco in Eastie, as is Santarpio's mentioned in other posts. The area might seem a little rough around the edges, but its safe.

                      I love eating Peruvian at Rincon Limeno, but ceviche is probably on the adventurous side for your child. But they do a GREAT empanada..

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                        rincon limeno does a great job with fried seafood too.

                      2. I have nieces & nephews your son's age; I can give you recommendations for what they like during their sleepovers. For starters you have to take the water taxi at least once; there's a pier near your hotel: https://www.citywatertaxi.com/taxi_st...

                        Best stop from the water taxi is Longwharf; restaurants they like include City Landing, Chart House and Joe's American Bar & Grill.

                        The Aquarium is there too, with sea lions swimming in a giant tank right outside.

                        The Longwharf stop is also 2-3 blocks from Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market, which as mentioned below is a lively food court. Their faves are mac & cheese, pizza, sausage-pepper-onion subs, ice cream and gelato...what more can a kid ask for. I personally like the Monkey Bar there for their fruit smoothies. There are also a couple of oyster bars where you can sit and they'll shuck whatever you like; my Dad introduced us as kids to littlenecks on the halfshell at one of these places and I've been hooked ever since. And as others have mentioned there are street performers and all kinds of things happening outside.

                        Just beyond that is the North End for Italian food including the original Pizzeria Regina which I bet he'd like, and bakeries for sweets like cannolis and lobster tails.

                        1. Since you are going to Fenway, you may want to book a tour of Fenway Park before the game. It is a guided tour full of history and stats and when I did the tour we were allowed to go inside the dugout. Also, go early to Fenway to see batting practice, warmups, etc.
                          So much of our history involves our location on the Harbor. I would plan a few things to take advantage of our history. You can take a harbor ferry to Georges Island which is home to Fort Warren which is a Civil War fort or just a brief cruise around the Boston Harbor Islands.. www.bostonharborislands.org
                          Legal Seafoods is not loved by Chowhounders, but there is a location right near the ferries and you should at least try the clam chowder. From that area it is not a far walk to our Chinatown and it is worth exploring. Or in the other direction, a short walk to the Italian section of our city, called the North End. For a 10 year-old, Regina's pizza is a must.
                          Also there is a ferry that runs to the Charlestown Navy Yard from the Aquarium. Inexpensive. You can see the USS Constitution and go to the Bunker Hill Monument. Unfortunately, in Charlestown, there is not much to recommend for eating out.
                          Take the Red Line Subway to Harvard Square and give Mr. Bartley's Burgers a try. Have fun!