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May 30, 2013 01:30 PM

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn - breakfast/lunch/dinner spots??

Hey folks,

I'm house sitting for a friend of mine in a few weeks. She lives in Carroll Gardens. I am totally stupid when it comes to that side of the river. Any suggestions on great breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots? Especially a good breakfast spot, ie good coffee, pastries, killer brunch. As for lunch/dinner: what are some good bars? And if there is a burrito place in that area I should know about, please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. D'Amico Foods for Saturday brunchtime Italian deli sandwiches and coffee.

    Clover Club is great for nighttime cocktails.

    Prime Meats is very good and has a killer osso buco.

    1. Frankies 457 has great brunch

      I like Smith Canteen for lunch, it's owned by same people as Seersucker and you can take it to go to eat in the park across the street

      Bien Cuit and Pedlar both have very good pastries, they're in Cobble Hill so depends where exactly you are in CG as to whether they're close

      Buddy's has the best burrito in the neighborhood but that's not saying a whole lot

      For Italian check out Fragole (cash only), also Enoteca on Court

      I'm sure someone will recommend Buttermilk Channel but I personally am not a huge fan

      And not sure what kind of scene you're looking for in a bar, but there's a lot of options on Smith Street

      1. I had a great lunch at HBH gourmet sandwiches last week. Excellant satay wings and a great sandwich.

        1. A good brunch option is Buttermilk Channel. It's Southern style and people in the neighborhood are obsessed with it. Personally I think it's slightly overrated, but it is very good and I would recommend it. I also don't eat meat so perhaps that's why I don't like it as much as others -- their famous dish is chicken and waffles.

          There are no good burrito/Mexican places in the neighborhood. When we are craving that we go to or order from Calexico, which is a Mexican place that is pretty well known (originally a food truck). Another place that I think is overrated; they are known for their "crack sauce" which I don't understand because as far as I can tell it is pretty much just Russian dressing? In any case, it's still cheap and decent so we continue to go there. Also pretty nice atmosphere for eating in and they have a good beer selection, although it is tiny and fast-food style.

          As for good bars, The Jake Walk is a lovely wine bar with outdoor seating. Bar Great Harry is across the street and has a great beer selection and good bloody marys. Abilene is a great choice and also has pretty good bloody marys (they do serve brunch but it's just standard egg options, I've never tried it). Also the best outdoor spot is the Gowanus Yacht Club, it's a seasonal place because it's outdoor seating only (little courtyard area stuffed with picnic tables). It's a fun place for cheap cans of beer, and they have a BBQ so you can get hot dogs, burgers, and the like.

          1. Ooooh and I forgot, a great dinner spot is Petite Crevette, which is a French seafood/fish place on the BQE. The location sucks but the atmosphere is charming and its BYOB. Their fish is fantastic. Not dirt cheap, but when you consider the BYOB and what kind of food you are getting, it's a good deal.

            Also, for huge dish, American style Italian food, Vinnie's is great--amazing eggplant parm and spaghetti with clam sauce. It's one of the few old school Italian places left in the neighborhood. Also, Enoteca on Court Street has amazing food, particularly their pizza which I LOVE. Lucali's is the famous pizza place in the hood, and it's BYOB. It's very good but you have to call in advance to find out what the wait is. They don't take formal reservations but if you call before you go they will hold the table for you when one is available.

            Hope that is helpful. I find there are a lot of mediocre places in the neighborhood, but the places that are good are great!