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May 30, 2013 12:48 PM

Any BBQ Available along Rt 81?

Passing through in a few weeks and just wondering where to plan some destination stops. Any advice would be appreciated

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  1. What states will you be travelling through?

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      Will be heading from central NJ down to Birmingham, Al as a 2 day road trip . Looks like Roanoke,Va / Blackville will be my overnight location so will be looking for a dining recommendation in that vicinity but can stop short or push slightly further for great chow destinations. Also fine with stopping to graze along the way

    2. I don't think you're going to find any great bbq around Roanoke, but have you searched the existing threads for other recs? For example:

      1. I've done some looking and wonder what people think of Due South in Christianburg, Log Cabin in Elkton and Wolf in Roanoke.

        1. Any report on where you ate?

          1. Not necessarily the best BBQ (VG, but not excellent IMO), but the awesome beans and fresh cut fries at Ridgewood in Bluff City TN make it well worth the small detour off I-81 just below Bristol VT/TN.