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May 30, 2013 11:04 AM

Best Bakery in Prague?

May someone recommend the best bakery(ies) in Prague? Just came back from Bakeshop having sampled an assortment of their baked goods and was not impressed. It's a beautiful and charming bakery but lacking in traditional Czech baked goods and producing Western baked goods that are not at the level I am used to in New York.

I'd love for a place that specializes in Czech pastries (babovka, kolache, etc.) instead of 2nd rate New York cheesecake.

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  1. There are a few good bakeries spread wide and far apart in Prague, usually on the outskirts. You can get very good pastry items at Cafe Savoy, especially I find their babovka excellent. Also, try out the farmers market at Namesti Republiky (where the Municipal House is, but the market is on the opposite side of the square next to the Unicredit bank), they should have some nice traditional kolache there.

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      Thank you! I'm no longer in Prague but your suggestions are spot on and will help other travelers. Cafe Savoy had wonderful pastries, I love their apple torte and the farmers market (only open on Saturdays I think) is wonderful.

      Again, to cake lovers I would avoid Bakeshop, it's highly rated but I think it's rather mediocre other than looking rather upscale and having nice presentation.