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May 30, 2013 10:53 AM

3 heads of lettuce, 2 people, 6 days...

Our CSA is very bountiful in the lettuce department. We have 2 heads of red and one of a nice buttery green that has some structural integrity.

Daily salads are obviously an option, but any more inspiring ideas? I was thinking of some sort of vaguely vietnamese lettuce cup for this evening that would essentially be summer roll filling.

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  1. Lettuce rolls. The filling doesn't have to be vaguely Vietnamese to work fine. Pretend you are making burritos.

    1. I'm having chicken salad lettuce wraps for lunch right now, delicious!

      1. I roll "protein-style" sandwiches all the time in lettuce. We even go as far as burgers wrapped in lettuce with all the toppings. It's messy, but delicious.

        I've tried lettuce soup once with some success. Sorry, I don't remember what recipe I used. It reminded me of spinach soup.

        Try this link, some good ideas. I acutally grilled romaine last night!

        1. I hate to mention it, but have you skimmed through this recent thread?

          Several recipes and many more ideas are spread throughout.

          1. One of my favorite things is mashed potatoes with lettuce. Yep. Season up your mash however you'd like, and stir in some shredded lettuce to wilt in the heat of the mash. It's delicious. It seems to be one of many various dishes described as "Dutch Mess" or "Dutch lettuce," among others. Here are a couple links for the idea:


            We always seem to overbuy lettuce; even though we eat heaps of salads, there's always a lot to use up. It's a nice way to lighten up potato mash in the summer, great with grilled fish.

            Mr. Cay is out of town, so all bets are off in the eating world: I tapped my stash of instant potatoes to make a bowl of lettuce and mash for dinner. Shhh. It was sooo good.