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May 30, 2013 10:44 AM

Hey what about adding neighborhood in tltles

Feels like more and more folks are just posting with a restaurant name and no location info. Within the big OuterBoroughs footprint, At least a neighborhood name would be nelpful. Sure we can google, but some minimum amt of info would be nice as a practice. Or so it seems to me...

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    1. I agree. I'm guilty of this offense.

      1. regular posters in the SF-bay area board (which covers an area large enough to require several hours of driving) do this too, and i agree its a good idea, especially for less-discussed places.

        of course then we get to have fun discussions about whether a poster has correctly labled a given neighborhood based on when people moved to the area/if they are a realtor/how strict they are being in applying boundaries.

        1. Yes!!!! It gets really frustrating seeing posts about restaurants, and being totally clueless about where they are.

          1. Usually I put the neighborhood in the titles of threads I start. That said, not having that info right in the title really doesn't bother me. I have a car and get around to all parts of the city. I'm interested in good restaurants in a variety of neighborhoods. A quick cut and paste into Google gives me the location, a map, and often, a website and menu.

            I do understand that if you're limited to particular neighborhoods it would be nice to have that info up front. Unfortunately I don't think people here will play along.

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            1. re: Bob Martinez

              I don't have a car and am often browsing CH on mobile. Where it is much less easy to search for an address, find the location on the map, or view restaurant web sites and menus.