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May 30, 2013 09:11 AM

Recommended brand of smoked salmon - hot or cold?

I love smoked foods and recently have become quite obsessed with smoked salmon but I know nothing about all of the varieties that adorn the wall of my local Whole Foods which has the biggest selection. Do you have any favorite recommended brands?

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  1. We smoke it ourselves. I personally prefer hot smoked over cold smoked for salmon.

    1. Duck Trap brand is very good and is available at better supermarkets. Most caterers here use it for canap├ęs etc.

        1. Costco's cold smoked is very good.

          1. Duck Trap or Spencers at WF. At my kosher market, I prefer Scottish smoked salmon which I find delicate and dry. Others prefer an oilier or saltier smoke. You can make it yourself if you'd like to and if good quality salmon is available to you and there are variations in texture depending on smoking techniques. Lots of on-line threads will tell you how to do it and what will make a difference. Easiest of all to make is the non-smoked gravlax which many people like immensely.