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May 30, 2013 09:05 AM

How much do I tip on catering delivery?

We're having food delivered and set up, but not served, for a party this weekend. What percentage of the total bill should I tip?

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  1. Are you sure you need to tip? I would think the charge would include set up. I liken it to having furniture delivered and assembled.

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    1. re: Hobbert

      Well, they're charging $35 for delivery, but I was thinking I should give them a bit more. The total bill is $900.

      1. re: Isolda

        Hmmm. Maybe 10%? I'll go out on a limb and assume 2 or 3 people are doing the delivery. $90 split 2 or 3 ways is a nice bonus.

        1. re: Hobbert

          That sounds good, thanks for responding!

    2. ok from my lovely summer working---
      If they charge more than 20 bucks as delivery fee the tip should be closer to 5% and certainly not more than 10% unless they had to drive a major long way or through realllllllly bad weather...the only exception would be if they show up in a company marked van then the "delivery fee" probally isnt going to the driver at all but is being kept by the company as "matinence" then you should tip 10%

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      1. re: girloftheworld

        Thank you so much. If I just add it to the credit card slip will the delivery people get it or do I need to scrounge up some cash?

        1. re: Isolda

          we always liked to get tipped in cash. but it would be legally anything marked on the credit card slip as "tip" will be given to the employee.

      2. Some companies do not pass those tips on to the employees, tip cash if you can.