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May 30, 2013 08:14 AM

"Just Crust," Harvard Square

I'd been meaning to post that Just Crust looked renovation-complete, but here's a fairly data-heavy Eater article:

As I peered in, I noticed one of those "framed newspaper articles" on the wall about Upper Crust being jerky. Obviously the article was too far away from the window to read, and I can understand/share the workers' and new owners' anger toward them, but framing an article about someone else's jerkiness also seemed a little... gauche... to me.

I'm no saint, though, and I only followed the story mildly, so who am I to say?

But most of all, congrats to the workers on standing up for themselves, and drawing a phoenix from the ashes.

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  1. One of the new owners Shannon Liss-Reardon is an attorney who has represented several area restaurant/hotel cases for employees. She's obviously a champion for the people.

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    1. re: trufflehound

      The story of how the Just Crust has risen from the ashes of an unpleasant situation is a great story but if it's true that there are framed articles on the wall related to the alleged wrongdoings, that is poor taste in my opinion. Why not move on and be the "better business" by not rehashing all that unpleasant history? Not to mention that no matter how egregious the allegations, I am not aware of any trier of fact (i.e. judge, jury or administrative body) issuing any rulings in regards to the allegations yet.

      1. re: Gordough

        i heard Liss-Reardon speak; she wants to make a point that this time it will be different; this time the employees are being given some share of the business.

        I never had a pizza at the Upper Crust, but i will definitely try Just Crust.

        1. re: Gordough

          I agree with Gordough's sentiments, and think they could have done better with the name as well. Leave the past behind and move forward. Hopefully they improve on the pizza that the former restaurant occupying the space put out. I wish them success.

          1. re: Gabatta

            Agreed. Also the name implies a fairly dull and bready product...

            1. re: maillard

              I suspect they mean just as in justice, rather than just as in simply, or only. But it does sound bready!

              1. re: calisson

                Apparently trying to appeal to those with both lactose and tomato allergies.

                1. re: soylent_greens

                  blach -- it sounds like something that requires penicillin treatment.

      2. I think I've seen the headline/article, and if it's the one I'm thinking of, it's more about the workers and new owners, fwiw. Plus, you presumably need to explain the name and that Just doesn't mean Only.

        I think the bankruptcy court made some rulings about who was in the right and who was not.

        1. i tried the pizza and thought that it was good. Very thin crust with good toppings. a short walk to the center of harvard square

          1. I went here for the first time this week. I have to say the specials are a great value for Harvard Square lunch. I had a (quite large) piece of margherita pizza--fresh basil, nice crust, sauce maybe a little sweeter than I like, and a side salad of perfectly fresh arugula, shaved parmesan and a lemony homemade dressing, and a bottle of San Pellegrino for just over $8. (I had a 10% off thing, so I guess normally it would be just under $9.) Service was extremely enthusiastic & friendly. There are a lot of lunch choices in HS, but not so many well-balanced, high quality, under $10 meals.