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May 30, 2013 07:10 AM

Nassau Bahamas, Restaurant, grocery stores & things to do!

I am headed to Nassau, staying on cable beach. I go every year but always looking for new ideas! Appreciate your help ...
The City Market closed and reopened as Super Value - what are your thoughts. Also need to order food as we are arriving on Sunday - for basics is Food2Go the best options.
Would like restaurant recommendations, love something with a view if possible. Shopping, we always go to the straw market - any other locations? Any place for reasonable art - their use to get a great shop in downtown Nassau but it closed a couple of years ago. I love to buy prints.
Recommendations of things to do, best sailing/cocktail option? Dancing? We use to go to the Sheraton, they had a great band up in the lounge above the casino.
Thanks for any help!

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