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May 30, 2013 05:06 AM

SW Floridian looking for some good eats near O'Hare

I will be attending a convention at Marriott O'Hare the first weekend in August and will have only Friday night free to experience dining out of the hotel. Also on Friday lunch would like to have deep dish for the first time. Would love some recommendations from local experts...

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  1. For dinner, will you have a car, or are you willing to use public transportation to go to other parts of the city? The Marriott O'Hare is about a ten-minute walk from the River Road station on the CTA Blue Line, which can take you downtown as well as to neighborhoods on the northwest side. It will give you far more choices than what's in the immediate vicinity of the hotel (lots of steakhouses, including Gibson's, but not much else).

    Unfortunately, Chicago's best purveyors of the classic single-crust deep-dish "pizza in the pan", such as Lou Malnati's, don't have any locations near there. (If you have a car, the nearest location for carry-out and delivery is in Park Ridge; the nearest for sit-down dining in is in Elk Grove Village.) However, if you'd like to try the double-crust "stuffed" thick-crust pizza, Giordano's has a location a mile east of the hotel on Higgins.

    1. You can take a 303 taxi (suburban cabs) from the Marriott to the Lou Malnati's in Elk Grove -- it's 10-15 minutes max.

      If the marriott is the one across from the River's Casino, there is good food in there. Hugo's Frog Bar is excellent.

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        The Chicago Marriott O'Hare is at 8535 West Higgins Road in Chicago, between River Road and Cumberland, and I assume that's the place the OP is referring to. If that's not correct, hopefully he/she can clarify.

        The hotel next to Rivers Casino is called the Courtyard Chicago O'Hare and is at 2950 South River Road in Des Plaines.

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          Yes, I am referring to the West Higgins Road location. And I am willing to taxi or public trans. I saw from the map and from some other searches of places mentioned on CH that the lake has plenty of options. Any favorites?

          Thanks for the location for Lou Malnati's. No rental car for me, but can definitely taxi to that one.

          1. re: MartiniGenie

            >> I saw from the map and from some other searches of places mentioned on CH that the lake has plenty of options. Any favorites?

            I'm not sure what you mean by "the lake". The CTA Blue Line goes all the way downtown. Places near stops along the way include Smoque, for barbecue near the Irving stop; Jam, for breakfast/brunch near the Logan Square stop; and Piccolo Sogno for Italian near the Grand stop.

            Downtown there is a huge number of great restaurants, and there it really depends on what you're looking for. Note that the Blue Line takes you to the Loop, but you must transfer or walk if you want to go to the many restaurants in River North, north of the Loop.

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              All those hotels have shuttles as well you may want to call the concierge/desk staff before you arrive. And yes I was thinking the marriott suites which is 1/8 mile up from casino.