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May 29, 2013 09:16 PM

Why am I saving these boxes?

We are downsizing and I have a bazillion things to sort through. There is no way we can store in a condo all that we have in this house!

I have saved the original boxes for a few appliances---for example, the Kitchen Aid mixer box and my rice cooker box. Is there any reason to keep these boxes? Would I need the KA box if I ever had to send the KA back for servicing? (Although, honestly, my inclination would be to first try to see if a really good handyman in my community could fix it before I shipped it across the country.)

Save the boxes or not?


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    1. Hi, soccermom:

      I say: Toss 'em!

      Unless you plan on moving often, or a given warranty requires service returns to be in original packaging, why keep them?


      1. I use empty boxes for:

        -trash cannisters
        -flower pot stands
        -stacked vertically as Lego-esque bookshelves

        Otherwise, just toss.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Hey guys,

          Thank you.

          Good point, Kaleo: "or a given warranty requires service returns to be in original packaging."

          Do you know if KA requires that their stand mixers be returned in original packaging? (I can call them tomorrow to ask, but you might know off the top of your head :0)

        2. You can also flatten the boxes and store them that way. Put all the styrofoam pieces in a big clear garbage bag (or in one box that you have spared for the purpose).

          Admittedly, when you need a particular box, it's kind of a pain to reassemble the box, tape it up, and find the matching styrofoam bits. But you won't need to do it often (hopefully never).

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          1. re: tanuki soup

            That is really a good idea of you must save the box & packing materials.

            For the styrofoam...just take a ball point pen & write on each piece what appliance it goes with. I'd also write on each piece how many total pieces should go in the box. For example, if the KA has three pieces of styrofoam, write on each piece something like "KA - 3". That way you can locate your KA pieces and you know exactly how many pieces you need from the bag.

            Again, great idea!

          2. "Why am I saving these boxes?"

            Box Wars