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May 29, 2013 08:32 PM

Shigure Sake Bar Tribeca

I will start by saying, I searched google and chow hound to see if there were any threads on this but couldn't find any. I hate when Kathryn can find posts that I fail to find, so i wanted to make sure. :)
Anyway, I was happy to find Shigure sake bar. It was something Tribeca was lacking. It is on Church St. near White St. They have more than 60 sake choices, and sake flights. They have a good selection of small dishes.
The Tataki Gobo, goes well with sake.
The Tako Su, ( thin sliced octopus with sanbai vinegar, cucumber and wakame) is a really good dish.
The pork belly dish is excellent.
The duck Cha Shu is good. The Kuro Subuta ( a friend pork dish is much like Chinese sesame pork/chicken).very sweet.
Charcoal grilled shrimp were good.
The Mountain yam salad with smoked saba, was real good.
Vegetable maki was not bad.
Kani Odon was great...snowcrab simmered in seaweed broth,uni paste,fried tofu , yam noodle and ikura.
it's nothing gourmet, its little sake bar dishes. They have a few specials also.
I do love that it is in Tribeca. I don't have to drive to Decibel or Sakagura etc. Tonite the clientele was all Japanese.
Next door and same owner, is B Flat a Japanese Jazz Bar. The menu there is more Americanized with rigatoni and spaghetti, japanese friend chicken, Teriyaki burgers. etc with more of a cocktail jazz bar atmosphere.
has anyone been here.?

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  1. I like the sound of this place. Question re the kani oden - does it actually contain actual snow crab? Because (most) every time I've seen kani on a menu, it was crab stick. I'm not a surimi-phobe, but I do like to know what I'm getting.

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      It has an actual snow crab meat in the back shell, in an amazing broth.