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May 29, 2013 07:53 PM

Sottacasa/Boerum Hill

Visited there last week and just loved it. Very simple decor - rustic and very comfortable. Neopolitan pizza, maybe the best meal we had in NYC. Best salad I can remember, lightly dressed arugula (dressed with fresh lemon juice and olive oil), shards of parm and leaves of on-site cooked artichoke.

Foccaccia was outstanding - hot, puffy, rosemary and olive oil. We devoured it.
Pizza was oven charred crust, very fresh topping. Nice selection of Italian wine, my rose was delicious.

We'll go back there in a heartbeat when we get back to Brooklyn. Comforting, comfortable, delicious - everything you want in a restaurant.

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  1. Sottocasa's Diavola is my favorite pizza in the neighborhood, and that says a lot with the pretty fantastic selection we have here. Service is always good and it's a nice atmosphere. Glad you liked it

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      1. Nice! I've had rose there before too, and it was great! Don't remember the label but it was very mineral with bright acidity, not too much fruit. I've had the margherita there and a pie with prosciutto. Both were great. The pies both had a surprising amount of crust integrity considering their thinness and tenderness. Great job. Frustratingly don't crave this spot much for some reason... There was a pizza made at Enoteca on Court for awhile, which they have discontinued, which had guanciale, crisp sage leaf, and roasted potatoes. I think about it all the time. If you know of a pizza place that does something like that, please tell me.